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Easy-to-do Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
Who wouldn't like a new hairstyle on an everyday basis, with the minimum fuss and requirement? Fortunately, there are some really easy-to-do hairstyles, like French braids, for instance, that one can sport everyday.
Sporting a new hairstyle for that very important event may be worth the visit to the salon! After all, one needs to deck up for the much-awaited party! However, how does a fashion conscious woman keep in line with the latest trends in hair fashion without spending big bucks at the salon?
Many women would love to have a fabulous hairstyle almost everyday and impress everyone with hairdos that are well-coordinated with their outfits! Well, a new look everyday need not mean umpteen visits to the beauty parlor. Here are some easy to do hairstyles to help you add subtle changes to the way you look everyday.

Easy yet Elegant Hairstyles

Stylish Ponytails

Ponytails are the most versatile and widely-worn styles. For a simple ponytail, wash your hair and blow-dry them with a hair dyer. Tie your hair up at the desired height with a band.
Braid your hair in certain areas of the pony and secure it with colored bands. This will add an element of interest to your ponytail.

Elegant and Easy Hair Buns

Hair buns are a great option for medium lengths as well as long hair. To begin with, part your hair from above your left ear, until the way to the right ear. This will give you two sections of your hair.
Use a band to secure the upper section of the hair. You can even roll the hair and secure it with pins. Use the same steps for the other section of your hair. Ensure both the buns are in line with each other.
First, smoothen the hair and straighten them if too curly. Now, part the hair diagonally, from the temple to the nape of the neck.
Easy Hairstyle for Long Hair
Secure the top section of your hair with a small band. Let the rest of the hair remain free. Then, twist the ponytail in a clockwise direction. Secure it firmly into a bun with the help of some pins. Back comb the rest of the hair and leave it loose so that it has the sweeping effect!
French braids require a lot of care. First, begin with a small and thin ponytail and tie it at the top of your head. This would also depend upon the height you wish to begin the braid from.
Easy French Braids
Then, braid the hair in small and even sections. You would need to add more strands of hair from the left and right side as you begin the braid. Its thickness would depend upon the amount of hair you add in the braid with each section. You can even wear two braids on the sides of the head.
Short hair is relatively easy to style at home. Dry your damp hair with a dryer and lift the sections of hair as you dry the strands. In order to make your short hairstyles last longer, use a high quality gel and rub this through your hair.
Short and Spiky Look
Once your hair dries, you need to backcomb the sections, which will help to add volume to the hair. Rub some wax on the palms of your hand and brush it gently over the hair. This will help to add more definition to the entire hairstyle.