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Acrylic and Japanese Nail Art Designs

Buzzle Staff
What better way to beautify your nails then by opting for some lovely nail art designs. There are many different types of nail art but the most beautiful is Japanese nail art designs.
Nails have been used to make a fashion statement for a long time. Nail art is very popular in Japan with the art reflecting the rich fantasy of the Japanese nail artists. Japanese nail art is more elaborate. They pay special emphasis on embellishments, intricate designs and colors.
The Japanese use real laces, plastic flowers, stones and pearls, to create traditional as well as occasion specific designs, from weddings to Christmas. Fish design is a popular one in this art. The adornments that are spread over a wide range cover precious jewels, boats, feathers and a host of other designs, not to forget the nail calligraphy and painting.
From an artist's perspective I feel that the nail is a canvas on which an artist uses nail art supplies to unleash his imagination and give the world a newer and better design. Artificial nails that are created as per your size and pasted on top of the real nails using an adhesive are called acrylic nails.
These nails are sought after because they can be used to experiment on while designing.

Japanese Nail Art Designs

Acrylic Nail Art Designs

There are a host of designs that range from simple prints to fancy abstracts. You could opt for a sticker smiley, diamanté, rhinestones, semiprecious stones, bindis or real flowers with leaves painted around it.
If you want something different, then you could select a geometric pattern or jungle safari using 3D elements. Airbrush painting is another excellent way to decorate your nails! All acrylic nail art designs can be customized according to the occasion.
Another trend is nail piercing and nail tattooing. In nail piercing, a tiny hole is punched in the nail where a gold ring or any other ring with a design is hung.Nail piercing is something that can be added to make those already beautiful talons even better looking.
Remember to apply nail art on your toes too, after all I am sure you would not like them feeling left out!