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How to Color Dark Hair Red

Rutuja Jathar
If you are planning to dye your dark hair red, here are some easy steps to get a dramatic and intriguing look for your locks.
Isla Fisher, Lindsay Lohan, Kathy Griffin and the likes are natural redheads while the list of people following these ideas is endless. There are many ways to color dark hair into desired hues of red or other shades. There are many things one can do to lighten dark hair. Yet there is a lot of confusion about the damage harmful dyes cause to natural hair.
Nonetheless, there are many people who could do anything to get out of that dark mane and sport the beautiful dark red hair color.
It's a fact that a person must always get hair color that ranges somewhere between 3 hues, plus or minus the original hair color. Many are going for red lowlights for the dark hair.

Dyeing Dark Hair

Firstly, match the right hair color with the skin tone which varies person to person. Also decide the type of hair color i.e red highlights, red lowlights or completely red hair! To learn how to dye dark hair red consult a hair care professional and know about your skin tone and the hue that will match the best.
Apt hue of red color will suit dark brown hair brunettes. Medium red will suit people with medium skin tones along with dark red lowlights for hair. Combine dark black hair with dark red hair color.
Red hair color is one of the most difficult hair colors to maintain, and as a matter of fact, dark hair, especially dark brown hair, need to be bleached and then dyed. This way, the red hair color stays longer and looks exquisite as well. The only precaution to be taken is never to try semipermanent color for bleached hair as it won't be that effective.
Dye hair only after treating it with a deep-conditioning shampoo for a few weeks, prior to coloring. On the day of coloring, wash hair with a good clarifying shampoo. You can also use a homemade mixture by taking equal parts of baking soda and vinegar. It will help you to get rid of any previous depositions as well as dirt and provide strength to the hair.
Mix the hair coloring product as per the instructions. Wear hand gloves and take appropriate precautions as well. After application, wrap hair in a shower cap and let it settle for the given time.
Before applying the hair color, perform a small test on some strands. It will help you verify the color as well as side effects, if any. Wash with lukewarm water not with too hot or too cold water as it can affect the hue of your new hair color.
Use protein-based shampoos and conditioners as well as color-retaining shampoos for keeping the color for a longer period of time. As said earlier, red is the hardest color to maintain and it needs some extra hair care as well.
To be honest, bleaching and coloring do cause long-term harm to the health of the hair, already suffering from pollution and lack of adequate nutrition. Hence, it is advisable to use such strong chemicals once in a while and to take extra care of the hair. It is also very important to not overdo hair coloring with products that contain harmful chemicals.
There are many things like trying new haircut and learning some catchy hair styling, that can make the existing hair more beautiful. It would be the best thing you can do for a healthy and shiny hair.