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Dry Skin on Eyelids

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
The area around the eye is very sensitive. Administering care, indeed, is vital. However, there are times when the area becomes dry, itchy, and red. This happens due to certain agitators that instigate the eyelids. ...
Dry skin can be a very discomforting condition to deal with. This condition, though rare, can lead to a lot of pain and irritation. Furthermore, if a person has dry eyes, they may be a bit difficult to hide using make up.

What Causes Dry Eyelids

► One of the most common cause is blepharitis, that is, chronic inflammation of the eyelids. This condition leads to redness, itchiness, dryness and overall irritation of the skin of the eyelids.
► Allergies like bee stings can also lead to swollen, red dry eyelids.
►Corneal problems can be held responsible for causing dry skin on the eyelids.
► When there is malfunctioning of the tear gland, due to which there is a lack of tears flowing from the eyes, it can lead to dry eyes. This causes not just severe dry eyes, but also causes irritation of the eyes and the eyelids.
► If a lot of shampoo or soap is vigorously rubbed on the eyes it could lead to dry eyes.
►Eyelid dermatitis is a skin condition where there is inflammation of the skin of the eyelid, leading to symptoms similar to dermatitis symptoms on other parts of the body. There is very dry skin on eyelids, accompanied by itching and irritation.
► Use ofexcessive eye makeup, like eye shadow or mascara, which may either contain ingredients that you are allergic to, or may not suit your skin, can also lead to adverse reactions like dry skin on the eyelids.
► Sometimes, people may eat food and then inadvertently touch their eyes without washing their hands. This could lead to contamination of the skin of the eyelid, leading to dry eyes.
► Other eye infections may lead to dry, inflamed, and swollen skin on the eyelids.

Accompanying Symptoms

There may be other symptoms that could accompany dry eyelids, like redness, soreness, scratching, irritation, etc. A person may even see a swollen eyelid in relation to dry skin on the eyelids. There may be peeling of skin on the eyelids. If there is an accompanying eye infection, then it could lead to corneal irritation, as well.

How to Get Rid of Them

There are many simple home remedies that one can use to treat dry eyelids. For people suffering from dry skin on the eyelids due to blepharitis or eyelid dermatitis, one will have to visit the ophthalmologist and get the condition diagnosed and treated. You will probably be prescribed  eye drops for dry eyes, which will help treat the condition.
You can also use aloe vera to treat dry eyelids. Aloe vera is a natural germicide which helps to soothe irritated and dry eyes. Take an aloe leaf and slice it lengthwise. Place the pulp portion of the leaf on the affected region. This helps to give relief from the dryness and the itchiness.
You can also use certain eye moisturizers that help to treat dry eyelids, but make sure that you check the ingredients first so as to ensure that you aren't allergic to any of the contents.
Dealing with this condition is not very difficult. For temporarily dealing with it, you can always try and camouflage the redness and dryness with the help of suitable eye makeup. However, if you take proper care right from the start, you can keep such eye problems at bay!