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Dry Skin Brushing Benefits

Mamta Mule
Heard of the various benefits of dry skin brushing? Well, if you haven't then you must read on the following section to know more about the same. Also, read the right technique of dry skin brushing so that you can soon add it to your routine and enjoy its benefits.
Our skin gets easily affected and damaged due dust, pollution and exposure to sunrays. Use of harsh skin creams, deodorants, body lotions and soaps often dry off the delicate skin. Dirt and chemicals from cosmetics clog the skin pores and lead to various skin problems.
So removal of this accumulated dirt and deep cleaning of your skin is much essential to keep it healthy and problem free. Your daily bath routine is definitely not enough for the same. Though you might be exfoliating your skin once in a while, following a dry skin brushing routine is most essential way to fight various skin problems.
This is one of the most popular techniques used for removal of dead skin cells on your body without over-drying it. Well, let me tell you that there are a number of dry skin brushing benefits, some of which are mentioned in the following paragraphs.


The primary benefit is removal of dead skin cells from all over your body. When you brush your dry skin everyday it removes accumulated dirt, unclogs follicles and pores and further accelerates the cell renewal process. With removal of dead skin cell layers, you get a better skin which is healthier and radiant. A thoroughly cleansed skin can breathe better and looks fresh.
One of the prime benefits is improvement in blood circulation. With increased circulation and lymph movement, metabolic waste elimination is encouraged. Dry brushing gives a gentle internal massage which perfectly stimulates your skin, kidneys, liver, gut, lungs, lymphatic system, and mucous membranes which perform detoxification process.
This is hence, the best technique known to assist elimination of toxins and wastes. This brushing technique stimulates nerve endings in your skin which result into improved functioning of the entire nervous system.
Cellulite is a common problem in case of many men and women. Daily brushing helps redistribute the fatty deposits on your skin which leads to reduced cellulite and better looking skin. Make sure that brushing for cellulite is done with more pressure and the right strokes are used during the same. Many experts also recommend it for stretch marks. Your loose skin also gets tighter with this body brushing technique.

Proper Steps

As you know the various benefits now, let us understand the right dry brushing technique. You need to use a natural bristled brush as the same is not harsh on your skin. Also, the one having larger handle is easier to use when you brush your back. You need to brush the whole body in small circular directions with medium pressure.
Also start from your feet and move upwards with smaller strokes. Brushing needs to be done in upward direction, towards your heart. Make sure that you brush your palms and soles as well. Be gentle while brushing your sensitive skin areas.
Dry skin brushing needs to be done everyday before taking shower. Remember that you need to do it before shower on completely dry skin so as to get maximum benefits.
Well, you might have understood that this not only improves the exterior surface of your skin but also works on your inner body. Make this a routine activity before taking a bath and enjoy its numerous benefits apart from lightened complexion and glowing skin. Make sure that you clean the brush in warm soapy water twice a month.
Avoid brushing for face, on cuts, wounds, and inflamed areas of your skin. You can take a refreshing hot water shower after skin brushing and apply small amount of natural oil instead of moisturizers containing chemicals.