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Dry Lips Causes

All of us may have experienced chapped lips in some or every season. Here are some information about the causes of this condition and some remedies to get rid of the same.
Aparna Jadhav
Chapped or dry lips can be very painful and unattractive. Many people ignore them, thinking that they will heal on their own, however, that is not the case often. This condition could further lead to serious problems like tearing and bleeding, and injuring the tissue in the lips.
Dry lips can also turn black if they are not treated. There are a number of causes for this condition, which are prevalent in the populations all around the world, most of them being carelessness.
It is a common understanding that dry and chapped lips are caused due to weather changes which is one common environmental reason for them. However, mostly it accounts to the diet and lifestyle we take up that leads to these minor problems which further lead to drastic health issues. Here are some major causes which can be reduced and are curable as well.

Most Common Causes

When one experiences cracked lips because of the cold weather changes, it is mainly due to the dehydration in those cells which then lead to the breaking and peeling of the skin.
Excessive licking of the lips tend to make them more dry as the saliva from the tongue removes the moisture from the same, thereby resulting in this problem.
There are also some other reasons and causes, which may be diet, health conditions, and the use of some products. When these conditions prevail for a very long time or the usage of certain products is more than proportion, dry lips are experienced.


Even though some foods are considered healthy for the body, they don't prove very healthy for our lips and thus, cause dehydration of the mouth. Fruits like figs, citrus, and juices of these can give rise to a toxic reaction with sunlight and cause an allergic reaction on the lips.
Similarly, cobalt from Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A can also have the same effects on our lips and buccal cavity.
Flavoring agents like red dye in candies, gum, and mouth washes, as well as toothpastes, can also cause these ruptures of dry skin and tissues on the lips. These can be some chronic causes and lead to bleeding of the cracked lips leading to infections and other irritations.

Daily Products

Unknowingly, there can be many such everyday commercial products that we use. The chemicals present in them are a big threat in such cases. Cosmetics like lipsticks consist of propyl gallate which acts as a serious hindrance to the natural oils in the lips.
Women who use lipsticks everyday for the whole day should be very careful in applying them. They should consider choosing a herbal brand. Similarly, some lip balms and moisturizers used to reduce these chapped lips can further increase their existence and lead to adverse effects. This is mainly due to the petroleum bases involved in their making.


Smoking and drugs not only affect one internally but they also lead to dehydration in lips. They destroy the natural oils which prevent dehydration in lips and give chapping a rise. Another reason can be using medicines and acne creams more often.
They can dry the lips away and lead to bleeding and infection. Fungal infections on lips and around the mouth due to unhygienic conditions can also be a very prominent cause. Thus, one's lifestyle and habits can contribute to extremely dry lips.

Remedies to Consider

The causes can be many but there are always cures and remedies to reduce and avoid them. Some such cures are given in the following paragraph.
>> One should drink as much water as they can, and not allow the lips to get dry.
>> Eat fresh green vegetables such as the leafy ones, as they help the skin to glow and give it a healthy and lustrous look.
>> Apply cucumber juice or a slice of it every morning or evening as it keeps the lips hydrated and healthy. Aloe vera gels are also very helpful for this problem.
>> If one wishes to apply lipsticks and balms, then apply the herbal and lustrous ones which protect the lips from the environmental changes and prevent them from chapping.
>> Avoid smoking and consumption of regular drugs.
>> Use butter oil or milk cream before sleeping and if it is very serious, try using antibiotics with a doctor's prescription.
Following the aforementioned remedies, might prove beneficial. Always remember that one should not avoid this condition when it starts showing itself, as it may worsen if neglected.
In case, this problem persists even after following these remedies and self-care measures, it is better to consult the doctor to avoid any further complications.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.