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How to Maintain Dreadlocks

Kalpana Kumari
Dreadlocks are in fashion and you should know how to maintain them. Read on to know about the various possible things that can be done to add more life into your dreadlocks.
People have the misconception that dreadlocks, once formed, will keep on getting dirty, dry, and smelly and nothing can help it. However, this is not true. You can have clean, well-moisturized, and healthy dreadlocks. Nothing comes for free, and maintaining dreadlocks is no exception.
In this case, you will have to work a bit quite often. Dreadlocks require time, care, and patience from you. Learn about the various things that you should always keep in mind to take care of your dreadlocks. You will find a vast amount knowledge on the internet and in hair care magazines.
Read as much as you can and find out all the tips and techniques that you can try to. If you do not have that much time, then do not worry because you will find all the basics of how to maintain dreadlocks here. Spend a few minutes on reading, and learn how to maintain new as well as mature dreadlocks.

Maintaining Dreadlocks

  • Wash your dreadlocks at least once a week. Use a residue-free shampoo for washing. You may need to wash them more frequently if you sweat a lot on your head.
  • An alternative to using shampoo is to use a mixture of apple cider and water in the ratio of 1:3. This is a natural and excellent cleanser.
  • Twist the dreadlocks right after taking a shower, i.e., when your hair is still wet. This will ensure a longer life of the dreadlocks.
  • Massage your scalp twice a day to maintain proper circulation of blood. This will, in turn, help in releasing natural oils in the scalp, preventing dryness and natural breakage of the dreadlocks.
  • Massaging will also tone up your scalp. This will decrease or completely eliminate the need for using conditioners and other hair care products.
  • In case your dreadlocks look frizzy and brittle, you will have to apply conditioner on them for preventing breakage.
  • Try not to use chemicals as far as possible, as they will attract dirt, dust, and other chemicals and will eventually lead to hair damage. The best idea is to use hair care products especially made for dreadlocks.
  • Whenever you use shampoos or conditioners, rinse them off completely. Dreadlocks act like sponges and absorb chemicals, so rinsing them well with water will remove any chemicals trapped in them. This is necessary for good and long-term health of your hair.
  • Check for the fabric on which you sleep. By sleeping on fabrics like cotton or flannel, you may damage your hair over time, as they cause the dreadlocks to pull against them while sleeping.
  • The fabrics that are best for maintaining dreadlocks are silk and satin. However, if you have to use cotton bed sheets, then wrap your head with a silk scarf.
  • You will often find build-ups in your dreadlocks. They are suitable for microbial growth. This may give rise to infection on your scalp. An ideal option to prevent microbial infection on scalp is to sterilize it with an antiseptic agent on a regular basis.
All the tips on maintaining dreadlocks are quite simple, but the secret in this particular case lies in practicing them regularly for a long time. Hence, make all these tips a part of your lifestyle and keep turning heads towards you.