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Mystical Dreadlock Styles

Sheetal Mandora
Dreadlock styles look really attractive on both men and women. If you want to know the different types of dreadlock hairstyles, then read the story...
Dreadlock styles have come a long way, moving from one culture to the next, one country to another. From it's birthplace in North Africa (where the first ever dreadlocks were seen), it has now become a part of our latest fashion culture. The history of dreadlocks is vast and it has taken huge inspirations and associations from Hinduism, Egyptian, Rastafarianism, Islamic, and Hebrew cultures.
Not just popular in the African-American community, but other ethnic groups and Caucasians are wanting to grow dreadlocks and show them off proudly. As a sign of latest fashion trend, various dreadlock hairstyles are being searched for. And nowadays, people are even trying the dreadlock look at work as well. So don't get confused or disheartened that you can't have cool dreadlock hairstyles for all occasions.
And if you would like to change your hairstyle or make a unique fashion statement, the following article will act as your guide to different hairstyle options for men and women. So sit back, take your own time reading the article, and then make a decision.

African-American Dreadlocks

As we talked about it earlier that both men and women can get dreadlocks, we're going to be dividing the various styles in that manner. This way, you can go directly to the hairstyles.

Dreadlocks for Men

For men, if you think that you'll be stuck with just short hair, then you're definitely far from the truth. If you've seen other guys with dreadlocks, then you must know that you have the option of keeping them long, medium, short, tied up in a knot, wrapped, etc.
Trust me, the choices are limitless, and here I was thinking that women have a list of haircut styles and ideas to choose from. And now, we will move on to the various hairstyles for men you can work with.
Jack Sparrow Dreadlocks (famous Johnny Depp hairstyle)
Beehive Dreadlocks (Rasta hair tied in a bun)
Gold dreadlocks (two-toned thick hairstyle)
Ponytail Dreadlocks (for professional look)
Lenny Kravitz Dreadlocks (short, wiry dreads tied with rubber band)
Jamie Foxx Dreadlocks (wiry, spiky dreads)

Dreadlocks for Women

Now since men have so many hairstyles to choose from, why should women be left behind, right? Whether you want long hairstyles, medium hairstyles, or really, really short, you can definitely make your dreads look brilliant. For that, I'm going to suggest you to first learn how to maintain and grow dreadlocks properly.
Why? Because then only you can work with the styles mentioned below and/or come up with few of your own. And at that note, we'll directly jump over the different hairstyles you can choose from.
Bantu Knots (twisted dreads into small knots)
Bjork Bun Dreadlocks (section hair tied in buns)
Dreadlock Mohawks (Dreads tied in a hawk style)
Dreadlock Twisted Bun
Dreadlock Head Wraps
These were the dreadlock hairstyles for men and women you can opt from. A useful tip if you've already made up your mind about getting one of these black hairstyles, visit your salon and talk to your stylist. He/she will be perfect to consult these hairstyles with and run some suggestions with. Since he/she knows you and has worked with your hair before, getting the right dreadlock style that suits you will be easier.