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Sassy and Trendy Dreadlock Head Wraps

Kashmira Lad
Dreadlocks are funky hairdos and have been a highlight on the fashion circuit for many years. As if the style wasn't enough by itself, we were introduced to head wraps. Read on to know about dreadlock hair wraps that are used to accessorize this hairstyle.
Dreadlocks are hairstyles that require very less amount of grooming. They are cool and they make a style statement. One needs to allow the hair to grow naturally for their formation. If you want to grow them naturally, you need to dump the combs and brushes.
They are about an unkempt and messy look. However, this does not mean you don't wash them. They can be grown artificially as well. But for this, you will have to speak to a hair expert and follow appropriate guidelines.

Interesting Head Wraps

Dreadlock head wraps are a part of hair accessories. These are used to enhance the look and also keep the hair strands off the face. There are different types that are available in many fashion outlets. Let's take a look at some of the basic designs that add to the fashionable element of this sassy hairdo.


Tams are generally made of yarns that give a snug fit. There can be varied and interesting patterns of the same in a myriad of colors. They cover the head from the front side. The fit extends to the back over the dreadlocks. They are also known as hippie hats or rasta hats.

Head Socks

Head socks are wide tubes that are used to keep the hair in place. They are made of heavy wool and have a tubular end to cover the entire head.

Floppy Boho Style Berets

Berets fit snugly over the head but do not cover the dreadlocks entirely. They are generally worn with a tilt and are a great option for those who wish that the dreadlocks should also be seen along with the head wrap.

Head Wraps With Ties

These are simply like a band and cover the forehead area. These can be tied behind with a simple knot.
These head wraps are generally made of colorful materials like wool or cotton and are quite similar to the accessories used in the hippy culture. You can opt for fits that are snug or those that hang loose.
However, it is advisable to select those with mesh type fabrics as they are more comfortable. Many head wraps come with adjustable bands that can be useful to help you to decide upon the kind of fit you require. You can also add some colorful beads or strings to give them a personalized touch.