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Deck Up Your Locks With These Dreadlock Hairstyles

Kalpana Kumari
The knowledge of how to make and maintain dreadlocks will always help you achieve a trendy, stylish look. Here are some instructions to get this hairstyle.
Not many men and women opt for dreadlock hairstyles, and yet, they have always been a hit. This particular way of styling hair instantly grabs attention and interest. It makes you become the center of attention in any public gathering.
There are several other benefits. It saves you precious minutes, which you otherwise spend on combing and styling your hair everyday.

Methods To Get Locks

Back Combing

This method is meant for hair that is longer than 3 inches. It gives you permanent locks, so you should try it only when you want to have them for a long time.
  • Divide your hair into several square sections. The thickness of each section of hair should be between 1-2 inches. It will give you round dreads.
  • Secure each hair section with rubber bands. Take one hair section, and place it in between your fingers.
  • Use a dread comb and backcomb on that section of hair. You are supposed to start from the scalp, from a distance not more than an inch. Keep back combing till you find the hair packing up at the roots. Continue combing backwards. Try to make the dread as tight as possible.
  • When you reach the scalp, secure the newly-formed dreadlock with the help of a rubber band. If you wish to better secure it, apply dread wax to it.

Perform the given instructions on each section of hair. All the dreads need to mature for a time period of 3-4 months. They will keep tightening and smoothing up with time.


This method is suitable for hair length between 2-9 inches.
  • Divide your hair into small sections as has been described in the first method of starting dreadlocks.
  • Take a section of hair at the front, and split it into two strands of equal width.
  • Twist these two hair strands over each other. Alternatively, you can take a hair section and roll it with your palm.
  • Use dread wax to hold the twists being formed in position.

Perform these steps separately for each hair section one by one. You would again need to apply a small amount of dread wax to each section of hair to secure the locks in place.


  • As they are suitable for microbial growth, you will often find build-ups in your dreadlocks. This may give rise to infection on your scalp.
  • Dreads act like sponges, and absorb chemicals. Even a small amount of chemical left in the hair strands will attract dirt, dust, and other chemicals. This degrades the quality of your hair and dreadlocks with time.
  • Due to all these reasons, dreadlocks are also very difficult to maintain.
  • They get dirty, smelly, and dry with time.
  • Moreover, cotton or flannel cause the dreads to pull against them, and so can damage your hair over time. Hence clothing or bed sheets need to be changed, to avoid this.


Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can maintain this hairstyle. You may do it with the help of given tips. You need to put in a little care, patience, and time.
  • An ideal option to prevent microbial infection on the scalp is to sterilize it with an antiseptic agent, on a regular basis.
  • Wash the dreads once or twice a week with a residue-free shampoo. Wash them more frequently if you sweat heavily on your scalp. An alternative to shampoo is a mixture of apple cider and water in 1:3 ratio.
  • Twist the locks when your hair is wet, right after taking a shower. This ensures longer life of the dreadlocks.
  • Massage your scalp with olive or coconut oil twice a day. It will maintain proper blood circulation, and stimulate the sebaceous glands to release natural oils in the scalp. Head massage is necessary to prevent dryness and breaking. If you massage regularly, you won't need to use hair conditioners and other products on the dreadlocks.
  • If your hairstyle looks frizzy and brittle, apply a deep conditioner to prevent breakage. Rinse your hair nicely. It will be wise to use conditioner only on the locks, and not on the scalp. To be on the safer side, use specially formulated hair care products.
  • The fabrics that are considered to be the best for maintaining locks are silk and satin. If you have to use cotton bed sheets, wrap your hair with a silk scarf while sleeping.
  • Head wraps are available in the market. Get a good quality one, and use it whenever required.
Now, you know the procedures of growing dreadlocks in your hair, and how to keep them clean, moisturized, and healthy for long. Do give this superb hairstyle a shot, and experiment with your look to enjoy life in a cool, super-stylish way.