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Dreadlock Extensions

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Do you wish to flaunt the very stylish dreadlocks but can't due to your superfine hair? Extensions could be the answer to your problem. Here is some more information about the same.
Dreadlocks are an ultimate way to bring out that rebellious trait in you. They look absolutely cool on anyone. They are more apt for you if your personal style is bold and flamboyant. However, getting and maintaining them is a lot of hard work.
Besides, if you decide to go for a new hairstyle after some days, their removal can be a task. Some people believe that the backcombing effect and general coarseness that dreadlocks provide can damage your hair permanently.
Hence, some people shy away from donning this hairstyle. However, the temptation for this gorgeous hairdo is too much for a lot of people to avoid it completely. Hence, its extensions came into fashion.


People who have very fine hair or those who are unable to grow long hair can benefit a great deal from dreadlock extensions. They look just like the natural ones. One can find several varieties in them, which can allow you to flaunt several different styles.
Synthetic and natural are the two classifications primarily done on the basis of the material used. Besides, depending upon their twisting method, they can be classified as single-ended, double-ended, no twist, etc.
Single ended ones have a loop at the end, which is to be braided in the hair. Double-ended ones have this loop in the middle, from which two dreadlocks hang. They can be either glued to the scalp or attached to your natural hair using a pin.
Synthetic ones are available in myriad colors which include some truly funky colors, such as deep purple, bright red, lime green, etc. Some natural shades are also available. They come with a kit, which includes everything you need to attach the extension to your scalp properly.
The number of extensions to be used will depend upon the natural volume of your hair, your head size, dreadlock hairstyle, and the type of twist you opt for. You almost need double the number of dreadlocks if you decide to go for single-ended ones.
Double ended ones are easier to apply and less time-consuming. However, a more natural look can be achieved using single ended ones.

Where to Buy Them

These extensions are pretty much available in most salons. You can order customized ones from the websites of some reputed hair care brands. Usually an extension kit contains all you need to attach them on your own.
However, if you are wary of a DIY job, you can certainly seek professional help. Glue-in ones last longer than ones that are braided into your hair or simply pinned up. However, they may also inflict some damage to your natural hair.
Alternatively, you can also make your own fake dreadlock extensions from kanekalon fiber. You can purchase it from any shopping website like Amazon. They are very cheap and can be bought for approximately USD 3.95 per pack.
Besides, you can also order them in desired color and length. Then, all you have to do is backcomb these fibers with a metal comb and twist them. Your very own dreadlock extensions are ready to use!
Synthetic ones are reusable and can be worn for a very long time. Although they do not require extensive maintenance, it is better to get them tightened every once in a while to cope with the growing hair. Thus, dreadlock extensions are ideal if you wish to flaunt a rock star look without touching your natural hair.