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Drawstring Ponytails

Smita Pandit
If you are feeling bored with your current hairstyle, and are in the mood to sport a ponytail, all you need to do, is get your hands on a drawstring ponytail. This write-up provides information on this type of hairpiece.
Earlier women with short hair didn't have many styling options to choose from. They had to wait till their hair grew a little longer. Ever since hair extensions made an entry into the world of hairstyling, women have the freedom to style their hair in so many different ways.
So, if your wedding is around the corner and you wish to don a stylish hairdo, all you need to do is incorporate clip-in hair extensions. Hair extensions come in an array of textures and colors.
You just need to select one that goes well with the color and texture of your hair. If you wish to sport a sassy ponytail hairstyle, all you need to do is buy a pre-styled drawstring ponytail.

How to Select

If you are planning to buy hairpieces for ponytails, twists, and braids, you can either opt for synthetic ones or the ones made from real human hair. It goes without saying that the ones made from real hair look natural, but these will cost you more.
While buying a hairpiece, make sure that it blends well with the texture of your hair and the hair color. You will also need to decide the length and the style. While, seeking weave services of a hairstyling expert might burn a hole in your pocket, using these hairpieces is easy. So, not only are these easy to use, these give you the freedom to change your look without much expense.
If you are planning to use them, the first thing you need to do is shampoo and condition your hair. After blow drying your hair, get hold of a wide-toothed comb and disentangle your hair. Decide where you want to wear the ponytail. Use bobby pins to hold your hair in place and gather your hair into a bun.
Tie it using a good quality elastic band. Now, place the hairpiece so that the combs provided inside the extension are firmly attached to the base of the bun. Pull the strings tightly and use bobby pins to secure the string ends into the base of the ponytail.

Pre-styled Ponytail Hairpieces

If your hair is fine and straight, you can go for the silky straight ponytails. For those of you who always wanted to don wavy hairstyles, there is an option of using wavy ponytail hairpieces or hairpieces with ringlets or bouncy waves. The pre-styled ponytails are available in crimped hair, hair perms, and soft curls as well.
Moreover, these hairpieces come in varied lengths. So, you can select the one with the length you desire and get the dramatic makeover you wanted.
Though synthetic hairpieces also look very natural, these days many women are opting for hairpieces made from real hair. While women all over the world are using these ponytail hairpieces to spice up their look, drawstring ponytail styles with tapered dread knots, yaki, straight, wavy, or crimp hair are a hit with most African-American women.
High ponytails or ponytails at the back of the crown area are quite popular. If you have very thin hair, using these drawstring hairpieces will help you add volume to your hairstyle.
With these drawstring hair extensions, women with short hair also get to try out ponytail styles. So, there is no need to get stuck with one look, select the pre-styled ponytail hairpieces to spice up your look.