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Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas

Aastha Dogra
Dramatic eye makeup is in vogue these days. Read on for some interesting ideas to beautify your eyes, which will make you stand out in a crowd.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ... and in the eyes of the person he/she is beholding too. Beautiful, expressive eyes are the first thing which hold our attention in the opposite sex. That's why, for centuries women have been using various means, be it liners, kohl, or shadows to make them appealing.
A recent trend has been to do up the eyes in such a way that it gives a dramatic effect. A dark eye makeup creates a striking look, which is ideal for evening social functions.
Here are some innovative yet simple tips pertaining to the use of different tools such as eye pencil, shadow, liner, and mascara, for getting that "look". So check out these dramatic eye makeup ideas, which are sure to increase your sex appeal.

Step 1: Eye pencil

First, start with the eyebrows. Take an eye pencil, darker than the natural color of the brows, and highlight them with it. While using the pencil, make sure that the strokes should be from the side of the brows, which is above the nose to the outer face.
To give a dramatic effect, give them the shape of an arch. If your natural brows are straight, make an artificial arch just above them.

Step 2: Eye shadow

Another idea is to use two eye shadows instead of one. One should be of a lighter shade while the other one should be dark, i.e., blue, or black, or gray.
Start by applying the lighter shadow near the eyelash line. Now make upward strokes of this towards the brows, ending the shadow just below it so that a little space is created between the arch of the eyebrow and the shadow.
Take the darker shade and fill out this empty space with it by making strokes just below the brows, towards the outer face. Blend both the shadows together, to give a neat look. Twin shadows will make your eyes look large and also very striking.

Step 3: Eye liner

Start with applying a thick line over your upper eyelashes, from the inner corner of the eyes. Extend the liner beyond the outer corner, upward towards the brows, stopping just below them.
Now, apply the liner to the lower lashes. In the lower lashes, a thin line should be made and it too should go beyond the outer corner of the eye. Unlike the upper line, it should be kept straight.

Step 4: Mascara

While giving a dramatic look to the eyes, remember to apply two to three, thick coats of black mascara to the lashes so that they look big, and hence give the eyes an enlarged effect. Always apply the mascara using inner to outer strokes.
These are a few ideas, which will make your eyes look striking and you will surely get noticed in a crowd. To make your eyes beautiful though, besides learning to apply eye makeup, proper eye care is necessary too.
Becoming a good person will make you look beautiful more than any makeup, as is said "eyes are the windows to one's soul". So if you are beautiful inside, it is bound to get reflected outside through your appearance and personality.