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Do Double Chin Exercises Work?

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Presented in the following write-up is a summary of the effectiveness of certain exercises that claim to reduce a double chin.
Everyone knows how unflattering a double chin is. This is one of the most visible and unaesthetic problem for many of us. In fact, there may be some of you that, despite having a thin figure or frame, may have a double chin. For the many that are wondering how to get rid of it, there are many options, like exercises and plastic surgery.
However, many people that try out conservative treatments, like exercises, are often left disillusioned with the result, due to which they then opt for surgery. However, do these exercises work? Well, let's find out.

The Truth about Double Chin Exercises

The fact is that although exercises for a double chin may not be the miracle cure that you've been looking for, when it comes to double chin removal, they do help to a certain extent.
However, there are many strings attached to this statement. Firstly, in most likelihood (excluding those few unfortunate people that have a double chin despite having a thin frame), the reason you have a double chin is because you are overweight. Hence, for worthwhile double chin reduction, you will need to lose weight first.
Along with exercises, you will also need to watch what you eat and ensure that you do other exercises, like cardio. Sometimes, we may have a faulty posture wherein, without realizing it, our head is slightly leaning in a forward direction. This makes it easier for fat to get deposited below the neck muscles, as they are not very taut.

Simple Double Chin Exercises

There are many different exercises that one can try out. To begin with, before you sleep, take a few minutes and lie down on your side. Then, flex your neck slightly so that you are slowly beginning to look up. When you do this, your neck muscles get stretched, and this way, once it becomes a habit, you will see results.
One of the other simple exercises is to pout your lower lip as much as you can, so that it stretches the neck and you feel the muscles being worked on. You can also do this exercise during the day. You can also try and say the vowels of the English language while opening your mouth as wide as possible.
You can also, slap the fat of your chin with the back of your hand a few times. It's said that this one really works as it kind of gives the muscle and the fat of the chin and neck a workout by displacing them slightly.
Although you may be slightly apprehensive and question whether these exercises work or not, it is best to try them out, along with maintaining a good diet and trying to lose weight on an overall basis, before you go in for something as invasive as surgery.