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Does Trimming Your Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Urvashi Pokharna
You must have often heard your mother tell you that you should trim your hair to make them longer. But does trimming really make your hair grow faster? Here, we try to shed some light on whether this beauty tip is a myth or a fact.
How can you make your hair grow faster? Hmm... By trimming it? We are so sure all of you ladies must have heard this at least once. Better yet, all of you have tried it at least once. Allow me to break the myth and your hearts. Yes, the truth is trimming DOES NOT make your hair grow longer!
How can it ever be biologically possible to promote quick hair growth by cutting the ends of your hair, huh? we don't even know how that myth started in the first place. Do you honestly believe that there are probably some sort of sensors in your hair that every time you cut the ends, the roots will begin to grow faster?
No, unless you are an alien in which case we wouldn't know. But, we guess you are trying to reason with me saying that every time you shave your armpits or legs, the hair seems to grow back within 3 days to a week varying from person to person.

Why Do They Say - Trimming Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster?

So, when you shave your body hair (note, not talking about waxing), it grows back in a couple of days. Logically, when you shave your hair, you are only getting rid of the surface hair and not pulling out hair roots. They still remain in the hair follicles.
So, essentially the hair still remains there just like trimming the hair on your pretty head. But, then why does it appear to grow faster? Hair is essentially present underneath the layer of your skin and so, it grows back quickly. Since on hairless skin, even the slightest growth becomes noticeable and you think that your hair are growing faster.
So, when you trim your long hair on your head, you are cutting an inch or two off them. The hair continues its normal pace of growth but when it grows back in a month, the increase in the length of hair becomes more obvious. It has essentially resumed its previous length and continues to grow.
In long hair, when you don't trim them, the growth of hair seems to be slow and unnoticeable. However, the increase in the overall length is gradual and you look at your hair daily in the mirror. In absence of trimming, there is no sudden transformation in the appearance of your hair. This makes it seem that your hair grows faster after a trim.

Should You Trim Your Hair?

If trimming does not promote hair growth, then should you absolutely fore-go or avoid cutting your hair?
Not unless you are aiming for natural dreadlocks sported by a Rastafarian or the old Indian sadhu and gurus you look at with much fascination in pictures. Trimming does not make hair grow faster but it certainly helps to get rid of coarse edges and split ends. The hair visible on the surface of your head or body is, in reality, made of dead cells.
There is absolutely no biochemical activity that takes place in your hair shaft. This makes it impossible for trimming to promote hair growth. But, the hair shaft is still susceptible to the external environment. Dirt, pollution, chemicals, heat and lack of moisture are certain factors that can damage your hair and steal away its sheen.
This is why you spend dollars trying to make them look glossy and healthy. The hair at the ends of the shaft are vulnerable to damage because they are most likely to dry out due to dehydration. When you brush your hair, the oils from the scalp are distributed to the hair shaft. But, by the time your brush reaches the ends, there are no oils left.
As they increasingly become dry over time, they become prone to damage and result in rough dry ends that often tear up to become split ends. Horrible, isn't it? This is when trimming comes into the picture. It helps you to keep chopping off the unhealthy ends of your hair and keeps them in good condition.

Then, How To Promote Hair Growth?

So, if you don't make quarterly visits to the hair salon to get a trimming, the split ends will soon creep up to the mid-section of your hair and damage them too. That is why trimming is recommended to get rid of split ends and to prevent them.
You lovely ladies do know that trimming is the only way out to eliminate dry split ends. You should also regularly oil your hair with castor oil, jojoba oil, carrot oil or olive oil to restore moisture and prevent drying caused by harmful substances in the environment.
If you really do want long hair that grow faster, you can supplement your diet with vitamin E, zinc, folic acid and biotin supplements. Also, have a healthy diet and drink lots of water. Do not neglect vitamins A, B or C either. There are certain herbs for hair growth that help you with this beauty woe.
Also, you must have a sufficient protein intake because this really quickens hair growth and also gives you lustrous hair. Lightly massaging your hair regularly with your fingertips promotes blood circulation to the scalp which is also a positive factor for faster hair growth.
Remember, wash your hair in suitable intervals to keep those hair follicles clean and let your hair grow. Honestly, we believe that the entire myth started so that we cut our hair and get rid of the split ends to give a healthy appearance to the hair.
What would you choose; long, dry damaged hair or a little shorter, smooth, shiny and healthy hair? If you want to go for the latter, better fix up your hair trimming appointments with your hair stylists every 3 to 4 months.