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Do It Yourself Hairstyles

Kritika Parwani
You do not need a hairstylist to style your hair in an elegant and unique way. There are tons of options for do it yourself hairstyles that will make you stand out.
For any girl, her hair is her crowning glory, so when we look at fashion starlets walking the red carpet with their beautiful tresses in amazing hairstyles, we can't help but wish we had their hairstylists.
We all want hair that shines like the sun, and styles that look like you have just walked out of a beauty salon. But while that may be possible only if you win a lottery (which isn't very likely!), you can instead take solace in tons of DIY hairstyles that will make you feel like a celebrity.
No matter what the occasion, whether it is a formal soirée or your prom or even a homecoming, it is possible to have haircuts and ideas that will definitely make you the center of attention; and the best part is that they are all simple and easy, which can be done by yourself. As unbelievable as it may seem, styling your hair at home is easy and fun to do!


Chic Chignon

This casual, messy, yet ultra chic updo is extremely easy. It can be made to look ultra-glamorous with your little black dress and heels, or can be made to look chic and casual for a business lunch.
To create it yourself, start by straightening your hair with a flat iron and a paddle brush. To make it easier, make sections in your hair, and once you have completed straightening, gather your hair into a high sloppy bun with the help of an elastic band or a ponytail holder.
Now, loosen some hair from the top of your head, pulling a few strands so that they frame the face, but make sure you hide your elastic band or ponytail holder with strands of your hair.

Cascading Curls

This style gives a very soft, romantic, and feminine look to your long hair. It's very easy, as all you need is a curling iron, bobby pins, and hairspray.
To create this look, start by separating the hair into two sections - top and bottom, and pin the top section to be styled later. Curl the bottom section with the help of the curling tongs, you can even create small and large curls to create a more natural look.
Once the bottom hair has been curled, we have to create the sleek layer with the top layer, so, take the front layers of the hair including the bangs, and start back-combing them. Make sure you apply enough hairspray, and use pins to secure the sides and the tops.

The Edwardian Princess

This hairdo is gorgeous for weddings, and though it can seem tricky to do, it is actually very simple.
Start by picking up a section of your hair at the temple, and twist it. Keep twisting your hair as you go around the head, by taking in more hair. Once you reach a little above the nape of your neck, stop and clip your hair; and repeat the same procedure on the other side.
Once both the sides are twisted, secure all your hair in a barrette or a ponytail holder with the remaining hair left loose on the side. You can even add colorful hair accessories to make it look more glamorous.

The Juliet

This is one of the most elegant ones.
To create this look, start by parting your hair from side to side, just above the ears, and comb all the hair, and divide it into two sections. Weave the top section into an English braid, and fasten the end of the holder with a ponytail holder, while leaving the rest of the hair as it is.
Use colorful hair accessories like hair sticks on the braid. This is one of the formal updos that is ideal for young girls with long hair, though it requires quite a bit of hair care. You can use this style for schools as well, just go easy on the colorful hair accessories.
There are tons of other options for DIY hairstyles. You don't need to be a hairstylist to get the ones, which you see in magazines or on television, all you need is a little creativity and patience.