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Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Shashank Nakate
There are several reasons as to why you are losing your eyelashes. However, the main concern lies in the fact that, whether they grow back or not. Here are some valuable information on this subject.
Eyelashes are important hair of the body, which protect eyes from dust particles. They help in keeping away harmful objects from the eyes by alerting/warning them about the danger. They also protect eyes from harmful effects of sunlight by diffracting the sunrays.
The hair of the eyelids grow back just like the scalp hair and their growth takes place in 3 phases. The phases are anagen, catagen and telogen, which explain about, how long do eyelashes take to grow back.

Do Eyelashes Regrow?

They grow just like other hair on the human body. However, it also depends on the trauma (rubbing, pulling, burning, etc.) it faces. These problems can be dealt with by the means of proper eye care.
It is necessary to take proper care, especially while doing eye makeup. Keeping the lashes hydrated and moisturized is one way to keep them healthy. The cleaning process needs to be carried out properly and gently.
The information about growth cycle of the lashes is given here.
  • Anagen: It is the first phase in the cycle of eyelash growth. In this phase, hair grow actively and the growth continues for around 30-45 days. Hair growth stops, if they are plucked or pulled; however, only temporarily.
  • Catagen: The catagen is known as the transition phase and the growth of hair is temporarily stopped during this phase. The sheath, present on the outer part of the hair gets shrunk and is attached to the respective hair root. In case, the hair fall out, new growth doesn't take place till the catagen phase is completed. This phase lasts for 2-3 weeks.
  • Telogen: It is the phase, in which, hair of the lashes fall off naturally. The phase lasts for about 100 days and is also known as resting phase. The hair can fall off easily even if they are rubbed slightly. However, the brighter side is that, new hair growth takes place quickly due to the completion of anagen and catagen phase.

Do Burnt Eyelashes Grow?

Burning is one of the traumas that eyelashes have to face. Lashes grow back even if they get burnt, provided, their growth process is not altered. The problem could arise, only if the skin gets burnt in the process. The different types of traumas eyes have to undergo, apart from burning, include breaking, rubbing, lacquering, pulling, cleaning, and curling.
The loss of eyelashes might also occur due to a disease known as the 'Alopecia areata'. In this autoimmune disease, the lashes fall out in clumps and never grow back. This disease doesn't have any cure, i.e., the hair, which have already fallen cannot be grown back.
However, further damage to hair follicles can be reduced by the treatment of cortisone (a hormone generally used to treat arthritis and skin diseases). Another reason behind eyelashes falling in clumps is hypothyroidism.