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Discoloration of Lips

Veethi Telang
Lip discoloration is a condition where a person's natural lip color changes to a darker shade such as blue or dark purple. This post provides information regarding the same.
Discoloration of the lips is not a serious condition. However, sometimes, it can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. It may also be an indication of unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking. Women are more susceptible to lip discoloration than men.


This condition is common amongst people who smoke regularly. Other than that, excessive intake of iron-rich foods causes lips to darken and discolor. Those who consume too much of caffeine and tea are often seen to have discolored lips.
While these are some of the most common causes of discolored lips, treatments such chemotherapy, illnesses such as cold and cough, excessive sweating, and rapid heartbeat result in lips turning blue from pink. Exposure to sun may also lead to darkening of the lips.
Medical conditions such as jaundice, dermatitis, and those related to oxygenation problems can also cause the lips to take on a bluish hue.
In women, hormones released during pregnancy can cause dark patches to form on the face, including the lips. Birth-control pills or high levels of estrogen hormone in the body can also lead to change in color of the lips.
Sometimes, when your body is deprived of enough oxygen, it leads to blue or purple-tinged lips. In addition, many a time, lack of hemoglobin in red-blood cells also leads to purple coloration of the lips.
Note that, lip discoloration in black people is hereditary. Many African-American people are naturally blessed with brownish lips which they need not worry about. Excessive usage of low-quality lipsticks and lip-liners causes lips to darken and lose their natural color.


More than a professional treatment, you need to acquire home remedies in order to treat this condition. To start with, make sure you drink lots of water that is capable of flushing out all the toxins in your system. Water keeps skin hydrated and also prevents the formation of dark spots on the lips.
Secondly, you need to start avoiding excessively hot foods that tend to exacerbate the color of your skin, leading to embarrassing stains on lips. Stop consuming coffee and other hot beverages that would help you cut down on caffeine, minimizing the risk of further discoloration.
Thirdly, you should stop using degraded quality cosmetics, and start using natural and herbal beauty products. For example, homemade lip gloss is a wonderful alternative to those dark-colored lipsticks and sticky lip glosses, that do nothing but deteriorate the texture, stealing away all the softness of the lips.
Lastly, one of the most effective treatments is to apply lemon juice on the lips. Lemon in the form of oil or juice has always proved to be one of the most effective remedies to treat skin disorders, thus rendering healthy skin in the nick of time.
Along with lemon juice, you could also apply aloe vera gel to the lips, which will soon combat the discoloration, and your lips will regain their natural color.
Thus, effective lip care would help you enhance the beauty of your lips. If you observe that the discoloration has begun to spread on your face, consult a health care provider immediately.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.