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Different Types of Braids

Pragya T
Braids are elegant and lovely. If you want to sport elegance, consider side English braids or side herringbone braids. You can also create an elegant braided updo for a formal party. However, if you have very thick or frizzy hair and want an easy to maintain style, then go with micro braids or cornrows. These hairstyles tame stubborn hair and also look cool.
Braid hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles, and have been in fashion for a long time. If you are bored of your normal hairstyle, or want a style which makes your hair look neat and at the same time cool, then going with some braid hairstyles will help you sport a new look.

Some braids are easy to create, and can be done yourself at home. While some styles are very painful to create, and can even take days at the salon!

Types of Hair Braids

Braids hairstyles have evolved since time, and can be used to create fresh new looking styles. Given below is a list of various types of braids, which are considered most popular.
English Braid
First of all comes the English braid, which is the simplest of all. It is a simple three-strand structure design, and is created using overlapping the strand in a specific manner.
Using this pattern of braiding you can create many simple and quick braid styles, like you can create one long braid, mini braids with small sections of your hair, or even pigtails, or can even roll the braid or braids to make cute buns.
Check out pictures of Alexander Wang braid to get more idea on the latest braid hairstyles.
French Braid
There are various cute and different types of French braids, you can make small French braids on sides, and join them to make a big English or French braid. You can join them, to create a bun style. Or simply create on side parted hair a French braid, and leave the rest of the hair open for a bohemian beach look.
Dutch Braid
Another version of the French braid, is the inside out French braid, which is also known as the Dutch braid, that gives an interesting look. Dutch braid gives an appearance of a braid which is close to the head yet gives a raised appearance.
These braids look beautiful on people who have long hair. Again these types of braids needs some skill, so you need to practice them before you can make them properly.
An interesting style of braiding is the herringbone or fish bone braid. You can mix a French braid with a herringbone braid for an ultra cool braided style. This year herringbone braid is very much in fashion.
Herringbone Braid/Fishtail Braid
Check out pictures of Fergie in this type of braid online. You can create a similar style in your hair. You can also create pigtails using herringbone braiding style.
Heidi Braid
This is traditional Swiss braid and popularly known as Heidi braid. Heidi braid is similar to a braided headband. There are two ways to do this braid hairstyle. Either you can divide your hair in two equal sections, then make pigtails, and wind them around head to create Heidi braid style.
Another way is to use French braiding from one end of the head to the other to create a similar braid.
Twists are not exactly braids, because they are done by entwining two strands of hair, whereas braids are done with three strands of hair. However, they are equally popular and can be used to create styles similar to braid hairstyles. Twists are super easy to make and look cool too.
They are popular as African-American hairstyles for kids. One similar style of hairstyle is rope braid, which is nothing but all the hair divided into two equal parts and styled as twist.
These are the most popular braid hairstyles among African-Americans. In cornrows the hair is braided very close to the scalp using an underhand upward motion to create a raised row. Many men can be seen sporting these braid hairstyles.
Cornrows can either be seen done straight or zigzag or in other patterns. You can go to a stylist to get cornrows, however make sure you go on day-off because getting cornrows can take many hours.
Micro Braids
These braids are nothing but small English braids. These are three-strand braids which are created using small sections of hair. All the hair is styled into micro braids. Many women living near the sea can be seen sporting these braids, because they help to tame frizzy hair.
Also, many African-American women tend to wear their hair in micro braids because they make the hair manageable. Micro braids can last for many weeks, if properly cared for.
Pixie Braids
These are similar to micro braids. However, the major difference between micro and pixie braids is that micro braids look more relaxed than pixie braids. This is because when creating pixie braids, the hair braiding is done tighter and the braids are done near the scalp.
Invisible Braids
Invisible braids are very thin braids which when looked from a distance look almost like normal strands of hair. These braids look attractive with short or long hair. However, getting invisible braids can take many hours, so make sure you have enough time with you while getting them done.
Partial cornrows are basically nothing but a type of cornrows. In this style half of the hair is done is cornrows and the rest of the half is left open. The hair can be done in cornrows till the nape of the neck and then rest of the hair can be left open, or the hair can be styled into cornrows till the crown and rest can be left open or styled into twists.
Partial Cornrows
Flat Twist Hairstyles
Flat twist hairstyles are a variation of twists. They are done close to scalp and look similar to cornrows. Basically the hair is divided into small sections and the stylist will start making small twists close to the scalp.
Once all the twists are done, they give at appearance of a hairstyle which is flat on the hair. Many times the rest of the hair are bunched up in an updo.
Many of the braid styles need time to create and can be painful, so make sure you have patience to get them. But, once these styles are created they look very cool, last for long, and you can make them look great by adding beads or other hair accessories.