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Why You Should Switch to Deodorants Without Aluminum

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule

It is always best to use a deodorant without aluminum, as using one with it can cause many health hazards. Here is more information on the same.
Deodorants are an inseparable part of our daily grooming. In this age, where looking presentable has become a norm, smelling good is just as important. Deodorants and perfumes come to our rescue when we wish to combat body odor.
Antiperspirants is the class of deodorants, which prevents the body from sweating. Various chemical compounds are used to reduce perspiration. Aluminum is the most common and widely used element in almost all antiperspirants.
The prolonged use of these aluminum based deodorants supposedly has many ill effects on human body. Using one that does not contain this element could be your choice, if you wish to evade the many health hazards associated with it.

Potential Hazards

Aluminum chloride and oxide are the two compounds of aluminum that are used in antiperspirants. These compounds form a coating on the surface of skin, thereby blocking the sweat glands. The main purpose of perspiration in human body is to release the toxins in the body as well as to maintain the body temperature.
Antiperspirants act like strong astringents that block the pores of skin, thereby preventing the release of sweat from sweat glands. By blocking the sweat glands, these compounds inhibit the release of harmful toxins from the body. These toxins then go inside the body again and are distributed all over the body by the lymphatic system.
The accumulation of toxins in body can induce various ailments. What more, these compounds also get absorbed in the body which further increases the risk of aluminum induced illnesses. Prolonged exposure to these compounds is also linked with Alzheimer's disease. Potential to induce cancer is another reason why aluminum based deodorants must be avoided.

Aluminum-free Deodorant

A deodorant devoid of aluminum chloride or oxide comes in the category of non-antiperspirants. Meaning, these products do not interfere with the normal perspiration mechanism.
Human perspiration is odorless unless it is acted upon by bacteria. Bacteria bring about the fermentation of sweat and release various foul-smelling waste materials, which impart the unpleasant odor to sweat. Non-antiperspirants work by killing these bacteria, which are responsible for foul odor.
Aluminum-free ones make use of baking soda or similar other harmless compounds, instead of aluminum compounds. They come in aerosol sprays, unlike the stick formulation of antiperspirants. Antiperspirants often leave a residue which may cause several skin irritations and allergies.
A deodorant without aluminum is also available in organic and herbal variants. Some of these products use tea tree oil as a main ingredient to kill bacteria. Lavender oil and lichen plant extract are some botanical ingredients often used in herbal ones.
Most aluminum-free deodorant brands manufacture deodorants for men as well as women. The one for men is slightly stronger as men tend to perspire more than women. The one for women is also found in unscented varieties which make it even more safe to use. Many also make use of crystals or rock salts for their antimicrobial properties.
If none of the aluminum-free deodorants seem to work for you, consider making one for yourself. Take some distilled water and pour 6 - 7 drops of rosemary essential oil in it. Store this solution in a spray bottle and use it as a deodorant.
Adding a handful of mint or neem leaves to your bath water also prevents body odor. This is the most natural way of combating the problem of body odor.
It is best to switch to deodorants and antiperspirants without aluminum, if you wish to avoid their possible health hazards. Having a healthy physical and mental state is anytime more important than smelling good.