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Dehydrated Skin Symptoms

Geeta Dhavale
Dehydrated skin is the result of lack of moisture. There are various dehydrated skin symptoms that are easy to recognize and treat.
The skin is one of our sensory organs. Unlike other sensory organs, it is more vulnerable to many sorts of infections and disorders, as it is most exposed to the external environment. Its health depends on the local weather. Hence, it is important to keep it well-hydrated and moisturized so that it remains healthy and glowing.
But, lack of care can lead to dehydrated skin. Sometimes, you may face these problems though you moisturize daily. There are lot of other reasons, such as excessive use of scrubs and astringents, poor cleansing, disorders, medication and drugs, and the lack of healthy diet and regular exercise.

Oily Skin

Many times, the reason for oily skin is not oily food, but lack of water in the body. This is one of the major symptoms. When you deprive your skin of water and adequate moisture, the cells in the body secrete oil to keep the skin hydrated.
This condition also occurs when hormonal imbalance is caused due to dehydration. So, you need to monitor and increase your water intake. Try to consume at least one liter water throughout the day. Also, try to have two baths daily, that will wash out the excessive oil. If you have an oily face, then wash it regularly and moisturize it frequently.
Itching: Excessive itching can also be a symptom. Itching is characterized by tingling or irritation of the skin that makes you scratch vigorously to pacify itching. The skin signals through a tingling sensation that it needs water or moisture.
When the inner dermis layer is deprived of water, it creates an itching sensation. There are various home remedies that can curb itching, such as moisturizing it with aloe vera or homemade butter or cream. You can also apply a moisturizing lotion or cream that is available in the market.


When the skin is not hydrated, the cells are broken down and the outer layer starts to sag, as there are no cells inside. This causes wrinkling, thus, wrinkles are a clear indication. Because of dehydration, the skin loses its flexibility and elasticity, which results in wrinkles as well. So, moisturizers and regular exercise help firm the wrinkles. There are various stretching and firming exercises as well that will help you get rid of the wrinkles.

Dry Skin

Dryness is also one of the primary reasons for this condition. The skin can become dry when the moisture is taken away from it. Bathing with hot water or excessive use of steam or a sauna bath can cause dryness. The dry skin often feels tight and appears to be shrunken with no elasticity. It is relatively easy to treat, though.
You just need to moisturize daily to prevent the dryness. Try to have a bath with cold or warm water, and massage your body with herbal oils before you take bath. This is one natural care regimen. Moisturizing after a bath is ideal, as your skin has already absorbed a lot of water.
Apart from this, there are various other skin signs of dehydration, such as, chapped skin, rough skin, dry, flaky skin, cracks on the skin, redness, etc. At times, the cracks can be accompanied by bleeding, which can be very painful. Dehydrated skin and acne are very much correlated. Excessive boils, pimples, and acne occur when the dehydrated body secretes more oil.
Sometimes, this condition also occurs due to drugs and medications. In such cases, consult your doctor immediately who will prescribe you alternative medicines. If the cause of dehydration is poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, then make the necessary changes to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.
The earlier you detect the symptoms, the better it is, as it helps in faster recovery. So, drink lots of water, moisturize daily, and follow a healthy lifestyle that will keep you radiant and glowing forever.