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Dead Skin on Feet

Deeptee A
Worried about how to remove dead skin from your feet? Well, this story should help you in keeping your feet totally free from dead skin. Have a look.
Your feet are subjected to a lot of use everyday. Whether you walk, run, jog, or just sit in your office, your entire weight rests on them. Everyday you use big heeled sandals or you use your flip-flops. You also cover your feet with socks and shoes may times, and that do not allow them to breathe. All these activities tire the foot and make them smelly.
With no air circulation available to them, they are bound to become a heaven for bacteria, which result in smelly feet and several foot problems. Also, there is a lot of dead skin that forms on them. Of all the problems, this one could make them worse if it is not removed in time. All this makes foot care important.
There are several reasons that cause dead skin on feet. Too much of exposure in the outside atmosphere, dryness, constantly being dipped in water, etc., are some of the main reasons. When feet are constantly in water, they lose their natural oils. The loss of these oils makes the skin dry and scaly. This increases the dead skin.
Taking long hot showers or baths also deprive the body of all its oils, making it dry. This is another reason why continuous use of too much of hot water is not recommended. If the soap that you use is very harsh or strong, then that soap could also lead to the formation of layers of dead skin on your feet.
Harsh soaps are one of the several causes of dry skin, which increases the dead skin. People who have dry skin from their birth are more at the risk of having a lot of dead skin on their body. Different seasons also change the amount of dead skin.
Its removal from feet is important if you want to avoid several other issues, like the formation of warts, formation of thick skin on the feet, and foot corns. Moreover, the feet also look very dull and ugly when they are covered with dead skin. The following paragraphs will concentrate on the dead skin removal.
There are simple ways to remove the dead skin from your feet, at home. You need not always go to the spa to get a pedicure done in order to remove them, these methods can be easily followed at home.
  • Fill up half a bucket with some hot water. The temperature of the water should be bearable to you. Add some white vinegar to it. Soak your feet in this water for about 20 minutes. When the skin becomes soft, scrape off the dead skin with the help of a pumice stone or a loofa.
Apply some thick moisturizer or almond oil, as it contains moisturizing properties. Give yourself a good stimulating foot massage and cover your feet with socks.
  • Fill up half a bucket with some hot water. Soak your feet in the water till they become soft. Using a foot shaver, and shave off all the dead skin slowly. You may need to periodically clean the shaver. The blade will ensure that all the dead skin has been shaved off the feet.
Use a pumice stone to smoothen the skin and wash off the feet in water. Apply some baby oil or some skin moisturizers to them and let them rest, as you sleep for the night.
  • Fill up half a bucket with hot water and soak your feet in the water for about half an hour. Make a homemade foot scrub by mixing some sugar and sea salt in some raw milk. You could create your own foot scrub recipe from other natural ingredients.
  • Use this scrub to remove all the dead skin. This scrub will enable foot skin exfoliation. Wash the feet with cold water. Pat dry and apply some rich foot cream to keep them moisturized.
  • Go to the spa for a professional pedicure once a month, as they massage the foot and remove all the dead skin from the feet, making them clean and beautiful.
These methods can be followed everyday before going to sleep in the night. However, if you have some serious layers of dead skin that are difficult to remove, then you might need some professional help in getting rid of the dead skin.
You can reduce the dead skin on feet if you keep them regularly moisturized. Allow them to breathe freely and always wear cotton socks to let them breathe.