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Everything You Should Know About the Dead Sea Mud Soap

Dead Sea mud soap is one of the best remedies for dry skin. Read more about it.
Rutuja Jathar
Nature's yet another miracle 'Dead Sea' is alive at its shores! The Dead Sea mud, found on the shores of the Dead Sea is located about an hour away from the holy city of Jerusalem. Beauty conscious people who are constantly looking for natural skin care products can make use of this, which is filled with numerous health benefits.
The atmospheric conditions like clean air, location of 400 meters below sea level, (where the UV rays are ineffective as they reach in the most diluted form), makes the Dead Sea the best of all natural spas across the world.
The Dead Sea is nothing but a huge pond of mineral laden sea water, sea salt and mud. It is the best product and a dream for every marketing executive to endorse the same, as related products are totally non-chemical and 100% natural. Amongst all the products, mud soap is the most convenient option for skin care.


✤  Dead Sea mud consists gobs of minerals that are helpful for treating many skin disorders. A simple mud bath and mud mask is the best treatment that can easily compete with aromatherapy.

✤  The benefits start with regulating blood circulation, maintaining healthy skin cells, and forming and repairing new and healthy skin cells.
✤  The fine mud grains help skin cleansing and detoxification, rejuvenation, and removal of dirt and pollutants from the skin.

✤  Dead Sea mud is also a natural moisturizer that softens the skin naturally and maintains the natural skin hydration.
✤   Using this soap on a regular basis helps peeling off dead skin cells and exposing the healthy and clean skin layer.

✤   It also helps in curing skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, itching, dry skin, besides preventing them, along with being one of the best acne treatments and anti-wrinkle skin care products.
✤   Several other health ailments are also curable with the usage of Dead Sea mud, like various kinds of arthritis, joint stiffness, joint pain, and inflammation of the joints as well as the skin. Using the soap means enjoying all these benefits in the comfort of your home. One can make this soap at home itself!

Homemade Recipe

This is one of the best cosmetics to exfoliate the skin at home. You can make the soap on your own.

  • 3 parts each of olive oil and coconut oil
  • 2 parts of canola oil
  • 1 part of cocoa butter
  • Some shea butter
  • 10 ml rosemary essential oil
  • 200 g wet Dead Sea mud
  • lye solution (solution of water with 42% lye in it)
  • Your favorite essential oils like ginger oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, grapefruit oil (Make sure you use these oils in limited quantity, only to increase the fragrance of the soap).
■   Start the proceedings with nephron hand gloves and eye safety goggles.

■    Put the oils together in a solid skillet and melt them. Meanwhile, take the lye solution and maintain its temperature at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you take all the precautions while handling the lye solution and not to smell it.
■   When the oils melt, slowly add the lye solution to it. Stir until you find traces of the solution. The trace generally looks like a cake or a pudding. Use a blender to fasten the stirring process.

■   Place the stirred solution in soap making molds and cure it for 2 to 4 weeks. It's the approximate time that the process of saponification generally takes.
After the saponification is complete, one can regularly use this homemade soap and enjoy its benefits for healthy skin. Using lukewarm water will prove more beneficial when using this soap.