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Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Kevin Mathias
The reasons for dark circles under the eyes are plenty, but are mostly due to it being hereditary, due to the natural aging process, and due to lack of proper sleep.
There are many other reasons attributed to dark circles under the eyes. They could point towards a liver or kidney that is not functioning as desired. Many who suffer from sinus problems could develop this problem.
People with a history of eczema, hay fever, or asthma often suffer from this problem as well. If they are caused due to some medical condition, you will know it, because they will be just one out of possibly many symptoms caused.



Dark circles become more pronounced as you keep aging. The prime culprit almost always are the veins beneath the skin under the eye, which are very thin. This skin is very easily damaged and is always the first to show.
Aging and damage caused by the sun make the skin thin and translucent, allowing the veins beneath very prominent. These veins are what make the skin look dark. The skin also looks baggy and puffed, because its elasticity keeps reducing with age.


This problem can also be inherited. These people become more vulnerable if they have got other habits, such as smoking that could aggravate the process. Dark circles can't be removed permanently when they are hereditary, but can be reduced.

Lack of proper sleep

This is the prime cause. How many times have you noticed that your eyes look puffy when you have had hardly any sleep the night before?
A proper nights sleep makes the puffiness go away. Lack of proper sleep over prolonged periods of time will make them more difficult to remove.

Remedial Measures

This problem is more prominent for women than men. They can make a pretty face look evil and ugly. The area below the eyes is one of the most neglected areas of the face. It is also the first to suffer. Aging shows first on this area when fine lines begin to appear and get more prominent.

Cosmetic Change

Take care of the skin below your eyes. This could mean getting and using cosmetics that are different than those used for the rest of your face. One reason for this is that this skin has got relatively fewer oil glands as compared to the skin covering your face.
For women who have dark circles and are using a concealer, always choose the right concealer. Try using a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. It will make your eyes look brighter and you will look much fresher.

Cucumber and Tea Bags

Whenever the dark circles are showing a lot, you can try some tried and tested remedies that will help reduce them temporarily. You can place cold cucumber slices over the area. You could try placing cool tea bags to reduce swelling.


Try to get enough quality sleep. Just sleeping for 8 hours a day will not guarantee that you do not get this problem. If there are factors like snoring that disturb your sleep constantly, try solving it. The tendency is greatly reduced if you sleep well.


Whenever you are out in the sun, always wear a SPF30 sun-screen lotion under the eyes. Wear sunglasses with UV protection.


Drink plenty of water. Whether out in the sun or not, you must always drink plenty of water. This is not only beneficial for your under eyes, but for your entire body. Fluid retention sometimes causes the puffy look.
This could be brought on by a combination of excessive drinking, eating salted snacks, and a lack of proper sleep thereafter. If you tend to drink a lot and consume a lot of fried and salted snacks, drink a lot of water. This will help reduce water retention, since it will help dilute the alcohol and also flush out the excess sodium through the kidneys.


Under eye dark circles are sometimes caused by broken capillaries in the delicate skin. Use a cream with vitamin K, which should help repair the broken capillaries faster.
If you are suffering from a cold and have just developed this problem, it should not be a reason for concern. This could be caused due to an increased pressure on the blood vessels and will go away with the cold.
Even something as small as improperly fitting heavy frames of your glasses can cause you to have this condition. These frames rest on the delicate skin causing damage to the delicate blood vessels, which can result in the dark blue appearance of the skin.

Taking Professional Advice

Even though most of the causes of this condition are purely cosmetic concerns rather than medical concerns, you should always get it checked by a professional skin-care specialist. You must exercise more caution if they appear suddenly and do not go away even after you have tried out the remedies.
It is possible that they are not connected with a medical problem, but a skin-specialist will surely be able to reduce or maybe remove them and help you get rid of that tired, sickly and aging look, making you look your beautiful self again.
Disclaimer: This should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.