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Dark Spots Under Eyes

Madhura Pandit
Black spots under eyes can be caused due to improper diet and fatigue. Here is more information on the causes and remedies to get rid of these spots.
Your reflection in the mirror shows your perfect face, the beautiful killing smile, and soulful eyes; but do the unsightly dark spots or circles under eyes make you frown? These spots or circles can mar your beauty, while at the same time also give an impression of you being tired or sleepy. The appearance of brown or black spots under eyes can be due to several reasons.

What Causes Spots Under Eyes

Dark spots and circles under eyes are commonly seen in women than in men. Let us take a look at the causes of dark circles under eyes.
Acne: Dark spots under your eyes can actually be acne. Acne occurs as a result of any modifications in the working of sebaceous glands. Sometimes, the pores get blocked which results in dark spots.
Fatigue: It is universally known that fatigue, stress and depression can result in dark circles under eyes. At the same time, lack of adequate sleep also causes dark spots and circles under eyes. One should remember that not only the quantity but the quality of sleep also matters. Poor quality of sleep or disturbed sleep can cause under eye circles or spots.
Hormones: Sometimes, hormones secrets surplus oil through the pores of the skin. When this oil does not get discharged properly, it ends up clogging the pores. It is found that some type of bacteria thrive on these clogged pores, which cause inflammation and consequently spotting under eyes.
Heredity: Hereditary factors is also one of the prominent reasons of spotting under eyes. It is due to genetic reasons and is not uncommon. The darkness under eyes due to genetic reasons can be more prominently seen in fair-skinned people.
Malnutrition: Daily less intake of fluids or water causes dryness of skin under eyes which results in dark circles under eyes. Similarly, poor diet or malnutrition is another possible cause.
Dark spots or circles under eyes in case of men is mostly due to stress, tension and lack of sleep. But at the same time, hormonal problems like less amount of testosterone can also cause similar problems. Other minor causes of darkening under eyes include over exposure to the sun, aging, allergy to dust, mold, etc.

Remedies for Under Eye Dark Spots

Getting rid of dark circles formed under eyes is simple and can be done with the help of different methods. Let us take a look.
  • There are several types of spots remover creams available in the market. You can find one that is suitable to you. You can consult a skin specialist to help you for the same.
  • Laser treatment is one of the most effective methods for treating dark spots on any part of the body.
  • For a temporary solution, you can try eye makeup cosmetics like the concealer to camouflage spots.
  • You can even mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice with glycerin and apply this under eyes on the spots. This is a useful home remedy.


You need to have 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day to avoid dark spots. Malnutrition or dehydration can be avoided by making changes in diet. One can also make slight changes in diet to ease stress and tensions, or go for stress management. If you find that dark spots are due to allergies, you can consult the doctor and get treated as soon as possible.
Just by following these simple tips, you can get rid of under eye dark spots, and have a flawless face! This information is not to be substituted for proper medical advice. Take care!