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Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

Pragya T
Dark hair with blonde highlights can look great, but one needs to select the right highlight color and get the job done by a professional. Read on to know more on this topic.
The key to getting blonde highlights in dark hair is to create a subtle look so that they blend well in your hair without standing out too much.
Blonde is a warm color, while the dark hair color fall in the cool category of hair color. However, it is possible to blend these two contrasting colors and create a balanced look.

Different Types of Dark Hair

There are different types of dark hair, like shiny raven black or different shades of brown. The lighter the shade of the hair, the easier it is to blend in the blonde highlights.
However, if you have very dark hair and want to go for such light-colored highlights, then go with the darkest and the least shiny shade so that it blends easily with your hair.
If you have very dark hair, then you can also consider using a hair dye that will help to lighten your natural hair color. Another way to make the blonde highlights blend is to accompany them with highlights of a darker shade, like dark brown, chocolate, ash, etc.

Selecting Highlight Colors

People who fall in the cool category can have a dark brown, bronze, or brown complexion after tanning. They can also have a pale complexion with pink or no undertones, medium complexion with golden undertones, olive complexion, like Asians and Latinos, or medium complexion with light pink color in the cheeks.
Their eye color can be blackish brown, grayish blue, dark blue, dark brown, or hazel with light flecks in it. People who fall in this category have to be very careful when going for blonde highlights in their hair. They should go with the dark shades of blonde and limit the number of streaks to 12.
The highlights can also be accompanied with some more highlights of ash color.People who come in the warm category can have eye color which can be green, greenish-blue, golden brown, or hazel eyes with brown or golden colored flecks. Their skin tone can be brown with pink or golden undertones, ruddy, freckled, or pale with peach or golden undertones.
People who come in this category can opt for bright colors of golden shade. They can mix their blonde highlights with golden brown or chestnut highlights, or even with copper streaks.
You can mix these red or brown highlights with the blonde highlights on dark hair and create an attractive multi-tonal effect.

Caring for Colored Hair

To maintain the dyed hair, try to prevent exposing it to direct sunlight. Also, wash your hair with shampoos that are especially made for colored hair.
To moisturize or condition, use a conditioner suited for colored tresses. If you have opted for a haircut, you will need to visit a stylist every three months to maintain it.
If you are skeptical about how your hair will look with blonde highlights, then use a photo editing software to get a preview. Also, before getting the highlights, talk to your stylist about the right shade of blonde that will go with your complexion so that you don't look pale or dusty.