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Dark Hair Colors for Fair Skin

Pragya T
Dark hair colors for fair skin give a good contrasting look to your personality. Read on to learn which are the right colors for fair skin tone.
Do you wish to contrast your fair skin with a dark hair color? Then, you need to first of all understand which category you belong to, as the hair color wheel is divided into cool and warm colors. If you have fair warm skin, then only warm hair colors will look good on you; while for a cool and fair skin tone, cool dark hair colors look great.
Whenever you go for coloring your hair, it is important to pick the best hair colors for your skin tone. If a wrong shade of hair color is selected, it can make your face look drawn or sickly. There are many shades to choose from.
Color Compatibility
Two things need to be kept in mind while coloring hair, they are your complexion and eye color.
People with fair skin can have a complexion, medium with light pink in the cheeks, with golden undertones, olive/pale complexion with pink undertones.
Some fair-skinned people might get a brown or bronze complexion after tanning, giving them a cool tone. The eye color of such people can be blackish/dark brown, grayish/ dark blue or hazel with light flecks.
People with warm skin tones can have a freckled complexion and ruddy, pale with peach or golden undertones. The eye color can be hazel with brown or golden flecks, green, golden-brown or greenish blue. Such people need to go for warm hair colors.
People who belong to the cool category look absolutely fabulous with shiny raven black hair. Such people also look great with neutral blonde shades and lowlights of dark brown.
Choosing the Colors
Cool category people can don hair colors like deep purple or deep burgundy with highlights of honey or wheat color.
If you have a warm fair skin, then deep warm shades of brown would look great on your hair. Deep auburn hair also look great with a fair skin and green eyes.
On these hair colors, you can go with highlights of shiny dark blond or dark reddish orange.
Hair highlights or hair dyeing can be done at home. However, it is important that you check that the hair color and the undertones it has are both of a shade that suits the category you belong to. Follow the instructions mentioned on the box when trying out any new hair coloring.
Coloring the Hair
To highlight the hair, you can use the shower cap method. Just cover the head with a cap and make holes in it, take out hair strands from the cap, and color them to get highlights. Make sure you maintain safety by wearing gloves.
So, pick the appropriate hair colors that suit you. Make sure you protect your colored hair from the sun, as it tends to become lighter when exposed to sunlight. Also, use mild shampoos and conditioners to protect the color better.