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Dark Eyelids

Mamta Mule
Many of you might have dark eyelids, which can reduce the beauty of your face, just like dark circles do. Dark eyelids can be a result of various problems...
Dark eyelids can lead to an unattractive appearance. Just as dark circles under eyes, these too are a cause of concern for most of the people. Eyelids with a shade bit darker than your skin color is normal. If your eyelids are extremely dark then you might be looking for a cure. So, let us know what causes the eyelids to become dark.


The skin of our eyelids is known to be the thinnest. Eyelids may become dark in case of people with extremely thin eyelid skin. This is probably an inherited trait.
We have veins and blood vessels in our eyelid skin. When these veins and blood vessels are very prominent, they might lead to dark looking eyelids.Sometimes eyelids may become dark due to leaky capillaries. These lead the blood to ooze into the surrounding skin which further leads to a purplish or bluish black looking skin.
Hyperpigmentation is another reason of dark looking eyelids which is a result of harsh sun's rays.
Stress and lack of sleep are also the primary causes of dark and dull eyelids. Constant tension, eye strain and fatigue commonly lead to this problem.

Natural Remedies

Make sure that you follow a healthy diet plan. Include vitamin B, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet as a deficiency of these can cause eyelids to become dark. Also, have plenty of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Fish oil is also a great ingredient to fight this problem.
Drinking a lot of water is equally important part of your routine. It is very essential that you sleep at least seven to eight hours every night.
Try to be stress-free and tension-free. Indulge yourself in meditation and other relaxation techniques. Performing some eye exercises may also prove beneficial.
The best home remedy for dark eyelids is to place a cucumber slice or crushed cucumber on your eyelids.
You can also place cotton pads dipped in rose water everyday while going to bed. This remedy can also be used in the morning for problem of puffy eyelids.
Drink about 500 gm of carrot juice every morning. Also, add 50 gm of coriander juice in it. Applying almond oil every night will help treat the eyelid discoloration problem.
Application of potato juice and placing tea bags on eyelids are effective remedies. Place a cotton pad dipped in a mixture of lemon juice and rose water, as this is an effective way to treat the problem of dark looking eyelids.
While these were the home remedies, cosmetic surgeries are also available to treat this problem. You can consult a reputed dermatologist to know about the laser surgeries available to eliminate dark eyelid problems. If you choose to opt for it, make sure that you follow the eyelid surgery aftercare as recommended by the doctor.
Regular eye care is very essential to stay away from eye diseases. Protect your eyes from sun's rays and pollution by wearing sunglasses when outdoors. Eye makeup is an option that is always an instant option available to cover up your dark eyelids. But following these remedies will definitely help you have the gorgeous looking eyes, you always dreamed of!
Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.