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Cuticle Care Products

Mrunmayi Deo
Along with skin and hair, taking good care of your nails is also important. Cuticle care is gaining popularity these days with many products being sold in the market for the same. Here are some tips and products for the same.
Nail and cuticle care may not seem very important to many of us, but overlooking it could result in severe nail infections and possible damage to this delicate body part. We are aware of skin and hair care because these products are greatly publicized and hyped, which is not always the case with cuticle products.
However, fingernail care products are also slowly gaining ground with people becoming aware of the importance of caring for nails and cuticles.
Cuticle is the area at the base as well as towards the lower adjacent sides of the nail. It is where the nail growth begins and thus, it requires a lot of care. It is basically made up of dead cells and acts as a protective sheath for the skin. Hence, if not cared for properly, it can result in infections like nail fungus.
Taking good care of cuticles is an integral part of nail care and requires the use of a number of products. Given here is a list of some such products.
  • Cuticle removers
  • Nail builders
  • Nail strengtheners
  • Polish removers
  • Nail enamels (containing Vitamin B5, C, and E)
  • Cuticle moisturizers
  • Nail polish removers
  • Fluoride formula products
  • Spa treatments
  • Special creams (containing soy protein and Vitamins)
  • French Manicures

A Few Tips

  • The major problem associated with cuticles is their dryness and toughness. The best solution for this is the use of essential oils like eucalyptus, jojoba, and more commonly, neem. If you apply any of these oils and massage the cuticles on a daily basis, it will make them soft. Alternatively, a cuticle remover can be used for the same purpose.
  • The best way to remove the dirt and dead cells in and around the cuticles is by scraping them out delicately using an orange wood stick. Push the concerned area backwards with the stick. Now, move the stick back and forth in a semi-circular motion. Avoid being too harsh. Never make use of metal pieces or any other harsh material for this purpose.
  • Moisturizing the cuticles using a cotton ball is also important to maintain their health. This is very similar to a manicure.
Apart from the products given, you can use sunflower oil extract, honey, and almond oil. There are also many products―mostly in the form of balms and creams―that are commercially available. Nail care products help keep the nails healthy and shiny, and should be given the same amount of importance as hair and skin care products.