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Cute Summer Hairstyles

Want to survive the summer heat and still look your best; choose from some of these cute summer hairstyles, for different hair lengths, and beat the heat with your charm.
Puja Lalwani
The summer has arrived in full swing, and you still don't know what to do with your hair. You are not the only one, there are tons of women out there who simply fail to understand how to manage their tresses in the soaring temperatures.
Apart from this, which haircut styles and ideas to choose from is also a problem. While some of you wish to have short hair, the rest of you may not be able to imagine life without your long locks. Whichever category you belong to, there are some cute summer hairstyles for all of you to choose from.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Most of us have a natural tendency to chop off our long tresses to be able to beat the summer heat. Here are some short and cute hairstyles you can resort to this summer.
  • Bob Hairstyles: The inverted bob haircut, the angled bob with bangs, and the wavy bob are great for those who wish to sport short hair this summer.
  • Pixie Cut: The pixie cut is another one of those adorably cute, yet stylish hairstyles that is on top of the list of the different summer hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair

For those of you who have finally succeeded in growing your hair beyond your shoulders, and simply can't chop it off now that you've come so far, there are several options for you to.
  • Deeply Parted Hair: One of the best ways to manage hair this summer is to simply let it be. However, opt to change the parting of your hair, by choosing a deep side part, and curling your ends slightly. This looks both, trendy and elegant.
  • Messy Bun: The messy bun is a perfect way to take care of your hair in the summers. The very fact that it is messy gives it a casual look, which you can sport with your pretty summer dress.
  • Pony/Braid: For those of you who have slightly longer hair, a high pony, or a braid, are great options. Go one step further and opt for a side braid or pony.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is a treasure that no one wants to give up, no matter how high the mercury rises. For them here's an array of hairstyles to choose from.
  • Waves: Wear your hair open, and give them soft waves for a beautiful look. However, try to avoid bangs for this hairstyle.
  • Bouffant: A simple bouffant crown with a ponytail will work wonders as one of the cutest summer hairstyles for long hair. You may also twist your ponytail into soft waves to get a different look.
Apart from these, any of the medium length hairstyles such as the pony or braid, or even updo hairstyles will look great for long hair.
Though the aforementioned hairstyles are perfect on their own and are relatively low-maintenance, they can always be further accentuated with the use of a variety of hair accessories, such as butterfly clips, colored pins, and even scarves.
Tying a scarf like a hair band, probably with hairstyles with bangs, is definitely the ideal way to carry off these summer hairstyles. Combined with the right outfit, and the perfect makeup, you can charm your admirers with your overall appeal.