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Cute and Pretty Hairstyles for Round Faces

Pragya T
Are you bored of your look and need a new hairstyle? If you have a round or oval face, keep reading, to know the latest cute hairstyles for round faces.
There are many haircut and styles, when it comes to cute hairstyles. You can have your hair cut short, or style your hair into waves. You can also have a haircut till shoulder-length and styled in waves, for a sophisticated look. You can also try hair coloring ideas and spruce up your hairstyle.

Very Short Hairstyles

These short haircuts are made popular by celebrities like Sharon Stone and Rihanna. They are easy to maintain.
For this haircut, cut your hair very short from the back and cut your hair on the top in medium-length and into uneven bangs. Style these bangs in such a way, that some are falling on your forehead and some are falling on the sides of the head and a little on the eyes.
This hairstyle looks edgy and stylish. It also highlights your eyes and lips. This hairstyle is especially suited for people with oval faces and long chins.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

There are so many things you can do to style a bob haircut. It is also very easy to manage and quite popular as teen hairstyles. You can cut your hair below your ears in a bob. You can go for a straight bob or an uneven bob.
For a sophisticated look, cut your hair till shoulder-length and style them in waves. With the bob haircut, you can also style the front section of your hair into side bangs.

Cute Layered Haircuts

For round faces, it is important that you cut your hair in deep layers from chin and downwards. So that the hair falls on the cheeks and highlights your facial features like your lips, nose and eyes.
For a cute and soft look, cut the front section of your hair in bangs and sweep it sideways. You can also blow dry the layers outwards and make your hairstyle look even more stylish. To make your haircut cuter, style your hair below the ears in soft curls. This will highlight your eyes, chin, and neckline.

Long Cute Haircuts

Long hairstyles give a sexy and feminine look. They are also the most attractive hairstyles, but they are not so easy to maintain. For long hairstyles there are three options, you can either cut them straight, or in layers or style them in soft waves.
You can use hair care products like curling irons, or hair straighteners to style your hair. You can accompany them with side bangs or a straight fringe. For wavy long hairstyles, it is better if you get side bangs, and for straight hair, get a fringe cut till your eyebrows.

Braids, Ponytails & Updos

Apart from the haircut ideas, style your hair yourself with updos or braids. Braids are very in and updos give an elegant look.
Ponytails can be a lifesaver on bad hair days. However, whatever you do make sure you let some bangs out to make the face look less round.
Also, 70's style updos creating by back brushing of the crown builds volume around the crown area. This style will make your face appear less round. You can also try bump hairstyles, and let the rest of the hair open or style the rest of the hair in ponytail.
You can also create a loose herringbone braid and place it on one shoulder, then take out some bangs from the front and few strands from the sides to give the style a soft look.
You can style them in braids and ponies and look the cutest. For small girls, pony tail and a fringe will look very cute.
You can also tie up all the hair with a clip and take out some bangs from the side and make your hairstyle look stylish and formal for a party. So these were the ideas for cute hairstyles suitable for round faces, that you can try. Happy hairstyling!