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Cute African-American Braided Hairstyles for Kids

Pragya T
Here are some ideas for African-American braided hairstyles and a picture gallery, that will help make the coarse thick curly hair more manageable...
It can be difficult to style and manage long thick curly hair. African-American hair are very thick and coarse, and the curly nature of the hair just makes it worse to keep it moisturized and manageable. In such a case, braided hairstyles come to the rescue.
There are various different braided hairstyle, so you can create a new braided hair style for your child everyday of the week. But, there are some braided hairstyles for children, which can last for a week. Here are the various options...

Braided Hair Styles for Kids

English Braids

English braids are simple to create braids, which are done by braiding three strands together. You can create a tight English braid in your child's hair. You can make a high braid on one side, or a low braid.

French Braid

French braids are great hair styles which can last for the whole day. They greatly help to keep the hair in place. So, create a singular French braid with the hair and secure it with a rubber band.


These are popular children hairstyles and look very cute. They are perfect school hairstyles too. So, divide the hair in two equal sections, you can keep the middle or side parting. Then make two English braids with both sections, and secure these braids with rubber band.

Herringbone Braid

Herringbone braid also known as fishbone braid looks very unique. They are done by adding small hair strands to two main hair sections. You can either do a French braid and then with the bottom hair make a herringbone braid for a neater look.

Dutch Braid

Dutch braid also known as inverted French braid, because that's what what it is. Dutch braid is similar to French braid, and keeps the hair in place. You can also make two dutch braid pigtails if you like.

Braided Headband

Braided headband is another cool style, which can allow your hair to be worn half-tied and half-open. So, make a braid with the front hair. You can use French braiding, dutch braiding, or English braiding technique. Then secure the braid, and keep the rest of the hair open.


Cornrows are painful to get and take a lot of time for styling. But, once they are done, these braids can last for weeks. Cornrows can be straight or curved or some unique pattern ones.

Half Cornrows

Half cornrows are a better idea if you don't have the patience to create cornrows. Also, half cornrows will keep half of your hair open, which you can further braid or leave it as it is.

Dookie Braids

Dookie braids are very cool braided hair styles for kids. They are good for children who have long hair. They are nothing but small braids created using various hair sections.


Twists are not exactly braids, but are created using only two sections of hair. They are created on damp hair on which a leave-in-conditioner is applied. Then the hair is twisted to create small twists. These twists are secured with beads or rubber bands.

Braided Mohawks

You can create a cool braided Mohawk, by braiding the hair from sides and then leave them open in the middle of the head.
So, what are you waiting for? Try out some of the above mentioned braided hairstyles. Add some beads or cute rubber bands to secure the braids. You can also fix few cute hair clips, headbands, or ribbons to these hairstyles to make them look even more cute.