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Curry Leaves for Hair

Kundan Pandey
Since thousands of years, natural herbs have always been considered for problems pertaining to hair loss. Curry leaves are amongst the most favored and popular culinary herbs of Asian origin that have been noted for their significant benefits in hair complications.
It doesn't really matter how much the present cosmetic age has morphed the definition of beauty, simplicity, elegance and naturalness are still regarded to be the key parameters of a beautiful body. When it comes to our physical appearance, hair adds great panache to it.
Unfortunately, problems related to hair have compounded in this technology dominated era, partly due to unhealthy lifestyle, that are to some extent in our control, and partly due to genetic reasons, about which nothing much can be done.
Nevertheless, even small steps from our part to maintain healthy hair counts a lot. While home remedies are generally healthy, risk free and beneficial, age-old herbs like curry leaves also have some potential benefits.

What are Curry Leaves?

If you're a gourmet with some exposure to international travel, you must be aware of numerous Asian cuisines that are palatable and very often, a delight for food lovers. A deliciously captivating aroma is the classic trademark of most of the Asian cuisines and curry leaves are rated to be at the top when it comes to imparting sensuous aroma to the food.
Belonging to India and Sri Lanka, curry leaves grow on the tree Murraya koenigii or simply known as the curry tree. Curry leaves are called by different names in numerous cultures and languages. Curry leaves are known as Kariveppilai and black neem in Tamil and Kannada languages respectively.
Curry trees grow small in height reaching to 4 to 6 meters. The tree also bears small white flowers and edible berries (though the seeds are regarded to be poisonous). Curry leaves usually grow in a cluster of leaflets and each leaflet is 2-4 cm long and 1-2 cm wide.
The characteristic feature of curry leaves is their aroma and in South Indian dishes, it is an integral part of daily food, just like the bay leaves in the Western cuisines. Multitude of recipes use curry leaves and there is no end to experimentation with this herb.
Besides the culinary use of these leaves, they have significant importance in Ayurveda medicines. So how are leaves of the curry tree beneficial for hair? Let us make a note about that.

Benefits of Curry Leaves

Different people have varied opinions about curry leaves effects on their hair and most of them have been positive. Curry leaves are known for boosting hair growth and preventing hair loss.
South Indian women have been using curry leaves along with other herbs since centuries to strengthen their hair and impart quality to them. It is also said that applying curry leaves boiled in coconut oil helps in restoring hair pigmentation and it also promotes hair growth.
When curry leaves are mixed with coconut oil and boiled, the black residue formed at the end is applied to the hair, twice a week and it acts as an excellent hair tonic. Similarly, it is also beneficial to grind curry leaves, mix them with buttermilk or yogurt and then apply regularly on hair for preventing them from turning gray or white.
With the Indian diaspora spread far and wide in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, USA and other foreign countries, it is now not very difficult find curry leaves. Since the west recognizes the potential of Indian herbs, it is increasingly being used in the western recipes and many gardening lovers are growing them in their homes.
Curry leaves are certainly a great option for those who wish to deal with their hair problems. As every individual reacts differently to various herbs, none of us can be cent percent sure about the magical effects of these herbs on hair. However, it is a general fact that curry leaves have been known to be very beneficial in hair related problems.