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Curly Weave Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
Curly weave hairstyles are a spunky addition to any look, whether you want to wow onlookers at a party, or experiment with the different styles that this hairdo comes in. Let's take a look at some really cool styles, that you can buy at any store or even online.
Curls spell fun, attitude, and are best worn by women who wish to look bold, beautiful, and confident. Curly hairstyles, whether tight, wavy, or left loose, are considered a hot trend, and are flaunted by many celebrities. 
Well, even if many are not blessed with natural curls, any hairstylist can transform straight locks into ringlets with ease.
Side Part
Middle Part
Loose Curls
Full Head

Things to Note

♦ Hair weaves are generally used when you need to add length or thickness to natural hair. When you decide to go in for a curly weave hairstyle, you will have to first find a good hairstylist who can do the job with finesse.
Without an experienced hairstylist, any hairdo is headed straight toward a disaster. Curly weaves need to be worked carefully into naturally curly or straight hair, without leaving a tangled mess for a customer to take care of.
♦ The point is, a professional will know how to put your look together without it falling apart or looking fake; it has to give others the impression that the weave is your own hair. 
Synthetic hair weaves or human hair weaves are available in a variety of colors and styles, where depending upon the hairstyle you wish to have, the synthetic/natural hair will be braided with your original tresses. Stores that offer an exhaustive spread of hair weaves online, are Blackhairspray, Hairsisters, and Hairfactory, to name a few.
♦ Weaves can be manipulated through micro braiding, tying it up in a ponytail, styling cornrows, or making large-sized braids; you can also keep hair weaves open for a natural left-alone look.
The bouncing curls will completely change the way you look and feel. You will have tons of self-confidence and love to show your new hairstyle off. You can include hair accessories to accentuate your hairstyle; just make sure that you keep the overall look intact since you don't want to go overboard.

Tips for Hair Care

♦ Well, if you have decided to go in for a curly hair weave, you should also be aware of the care required to maintain such hairdos. Always use a silk scarf at night and wrap it around your head while asleep. It will help to keep your hairdo intact and prevent it from tangling.
♦ Curly hair tends to be difficult to manage during the rainy season, since hair weaves need more attention and care. You will particularly notice that curly hair weaves tend turn frizzy at the first sign of humidity.
♦ Avoid using the blow dryer too often, since this can worsen the weave's texture. Choosing the right conditioner is very important for woven hair; find a brand that works hard to keep weave hair in shape.
A high quality leave-in conditioner will help to balance moisture levels, and prevent it from turning dry and bushy. Use a product designed specifically for long use.
♦ There are many techniques used for curly hair weaving; hair bonding, tracking, the fusion method, or even tree braiding. Whatever the method, you need to discuss it first with your hairstylist, before you opt for the technique.
This will help you to understand which one works for you. Many techniques tend to damage the natural texture of one's hair, so be aware of the flip sides as well.
♦ While hair is moist or damp, avoid brushing it and let it air-dry instead; detangle hair later using a serum, oil, or leave-in conditioner. Simply run your fingers through your hair to detangle the ends.
Always ensure you have a very light and easy-to-use cream-based moisturizer for your hair. You can use this on your curly weave hairdo to help retain its natural shine. Woven hair is bonded to your natural tresses, so be sure to use only high-quality products, and a good brand of hair weave when you opt for this.
♦ Adding curly weaves to your hair doesn't just add versatility to your overall look, it also gives you a chance to make yourself look different from everyone else. Make sure your hair is washed properly and conditioned thoroughly before you visit the salon.
This way, you can guarantee that your new hairstyle comes out looking fabulous, every single time. Use these tips for curly weave hairstyles and go in for a makeover without any hassles! Be sure to choose a weave that comes in extension-style makes, because that way the weave can easily blend in with your natural hair texture and length.
Try not to choose contrasting hair colors for the weave. A stark difference in colors will be an obvious give-away. Take advice from as many hairstylists, before going through with this technique.