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Curly Hair Extensions

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Not everybody is gifted with thick curly hair. However, there are many ways to get curly hair, and one easy way it to get extensions. They add quick volume, style and length to your hair.
The most happening beauty secret in Hollywood is hair extensions. Many hot and gorgeous celebrities are trying their best to look different and try something new. Getting a curly hair extension is the current trend. It not only makes you look different, but helps make your hair appear, beautiful, longer and healthy.
Types of Curly Hair Extensions
Natural: These hair extensions look natural and believable. They are soft to touch and can be styled like normal hair. They can be easily highlighted, colored and permed. You have great options in black hair extensions, as these naturally black and curly hair look very believable.
The natural hair extensions need a lot of maintenance. They are very expensive and are heavier than synthetic hair. You will need professional help for buying these hair extensions. Most of the human hair extensions come from India and China.
Synthetic: Made from synthetic fibers, they are great to try before using natural hair extensions. These hair extensions are although affordable, they get easily tangled. You get great colors like pink, red, purple, etc. that go well with the latest fashion trends.
You find beautiful blond hair extensions in synthetic material. These hair extensions can be scratchy and itchy to some and look less believable than natural hair. You can try hair coloring ideas like highlighting or heat style these hair extensions.

How to Attach Hair Extensions?

They can be attached to your hair by using extensions like:
  • Permanent: These hair extensions are attached to the scalp by bonding, braiding or fusing. You will need the help of a professional hair dresser to help you attach these hair extensions.
The curly long hair extensions need about 6-8 hours of a day for application and cost around $200 to $ 2000. The permanent hair extensions require a lot of maintenance.
  • Clip-in: They are easily available in many color ranges and textures. You can attach the weft by clipping it directly close to the scalp on wet hair. Comb the hair properly to hide the wefts. These extensions are great for temporary change.
You can create new hair dos by coloring or highlighting your new hair extensions. Two tone hair color looks great on hair extensions. These hair extensions help you create a new look for your persona. Before trying out anything new for your hair, consult a professional hair dresser.
You should keep in mind that these hair extensions do not cause any damage to your natural hair. Style them as you like and enjoy creating new looks with your new curly hair. The best thing about these extensions is no one can ever guess these extensions are not a part of your natural hair!