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Curlers for Long Hair

Straight hair getting boring for you? Get some curls! They're cute and quite a fashion statement. Stick around for more on curls and curlers for your long tresses.
Komal Bakhru
Do you go through moments when you think your long, straight hair looks bland and boring? Most girls do! As much as straight hair will never go out of style, curls are a much sought after look too. Cute, soft curls, on long hair can help attain a very feminine look.
Whether you have your hair tied up in a casual ponytail for one of those laid-back days, or you leave it down for a more dressy feel, curls are an all occasion look. An important part of this look though are your curling tools. Just make sure you're using the right one.

Best Hair Curlers

Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Wax Core Professional 20 Piece Hairsetter: A total of 20 rollers, this set is made up of 6 large rollers, that can help create curls of 1¼" curls, 10 medium rollers for 1" curls, and 4 small rollers of ¾", which will come in handy for tight curls or ringlets.
Available in a case that's perfect for their storage, these curlers come with wax-core heating technology, as well as cool touch ends, which make them easy to handle.
Babyliss PRO Ceramic and Ionic Hair Setter: This set consists of 30 rollers of 4 different sizes. 8 jumbo rollers for 1½" curls, 8 large rollers for 1"curls, 8 medium rollers for 1¼" curls, and 6 small rollers for ¾" curls. This set which comes with 2 presets: Standby / In use, also heats up very quickly, thus allowing you to speed up the curling process.
Conair Instant Heat Multi-Sized Hot Rollers with Heated Clips: This set comes packed with 20 rollers of sizes jumbo (8 rollers - 1¼"), large (6 rollers - 1"), and medium (6 rollers - ¾"). It also consists of 20 heated clips, making it a dual heated set.
Remington T Studio Heated Clip Setter: Just like the Conair Instant Heat Roller mentioned above, the Remington T Studio set is also comes with dual heating technology. It is a set of 20 soft rollers, in only 2 sizes. 12 large 1¼" rollers and 8 medium 1"rollers. With a quick 90 second heat up, setting your long-lasting curls doesn't take much more than 5 minutes.
I hope the given list of some of the best hair curlers for long hair has helped you narrow down your search. Also, make sure you use a good heat protectant, as tools like these could mean major heat to your hair. Once that's done, you've got nothing to worry about. Go have some fun and get cute with those curls!