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Crop Haircuts for Women

Pragya T
Wish to get rid of the long hair? Try one of the refreshing crop haircuts. There are many crop hairstyles to choose from. Read on...
So, what is a crop haircut? Crop haircut is nothing but hair which are cut very close to the head. Crop haircuts can be seen emerging as trendy haircuts. Remember, the Eton Crop which got popular during the 1920s? Or the Halley Berry's pixie during Die Another Day? No?!
At least you have to remember the stylish pixie crop sported by Rihanna... Crop styles stand out as cute short haircut from time to time. In modern culture, many women tend to just chop off their long hair as a way of leaving their past behind... Every woman does this at least once in a life.
To be honest, I have done it twice myself... You can also chop your long hair and get a cute short crop haircut as a way to leave your past behind, or get rid of your same old hairstyle. No matter what the reason, here are the crop styles which you can choose from.

Modern Crop Haircuts for Women

Today choppy haircuts are extremely popular. Choppy haircuts are more edgier than the old haircuts. But, thanks to the new hair conditioning treatments and products, the hair can be styled soft and silky. Also, there is razor cutting, which gives those soft wispy hair ends that look amazing. So, you can get your hair choppy cut into whatever crop style you like and then make it look softer by regular care.

Cute Short Crops!

Here are pictures of short crops. The first two pictures are of pixie cut. Pixie cut is basically a short haircut in which the hair on the sides and the back are cut into very short crops.
The crown hair is longer and then cut into any type of bangs. In the middle picture, the hair is cut tapering near the ears and deliberately kept longer for a more stylish effect. This style suits women of all ages.
The last picture shows a layered short crop with wispy bangs. This style is created by cutting the hair into choppy layers and the hair are flipped outwards. Here the bangs are kept short.

Stylish Crops...

Here are extremely stylish crop hairstyles. The hair on the sides and back is cut in all the haircuts. So, what makes all of them look so different? Yes! It is the hair bangs that makes each style stand out. In the first picture extra long side sweeping bangs are given.
In the second picture from the left you will see extremely choppy bangs. Here a small choppy section of the hair at the side of the ear is kept long same as the bangs for a stylish look. The third picture from the left shows sleek asymmetrical bangs which are colored to give it texture.

Extremely Cute Bob Crops!

Bobs are classic hairstyles which never go out of fashion! Bobs are great crop haircuts for girls, young, and older women. There are many ways to get bob. Some styles of bob are blunt bob, romantic bob, flapper bob, bowl bob, choppy bob, inverted/graduated bob, stacked bob, asymmetrical bob, etc. In the first picture there is a woman sporting a blunt bob.
In the second picture, you will see a bob which is cut choppy with the hair cut tapering. The last picture has a woman with her hair cut into a bowl bob with thin sections at the side kept long to give style to the look.
Well, now I think you already have made up your mind as to what crop style you want. So, go to a professional and get your hair cut into short cute crop style. And enjoy your new cute crop!