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9 Creative Makeup Organizing Ideas

Buzzle Staff
Shopping for makeup is so much fun! But, then comes the boring task of organizing everything properly. We will make the task real fun for you with some creative makeup organizing ideas.
"Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident."
Bobbi Brown
We love our makeup, don't we girls? Although it usually costs us a fortune, we still love shopping for it. Everything is perfect till we stop gushing over our latest purchase, and realize that we have no place to keep it. Then comes the boring work of organizing everything, which we simply hate.
But come on, organizing makeup needn't be so boring. You will start loving the process. If you don't believe me, check out some very creative ways of organizing your makeup; everything from your lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, to brushes, and glosses. You are sure to have fun!

Creative Makeup Organizing Ideas

Wooden Stand
It could be any piece of wood; just make neat holes in them, and a convenient stand for your brushes is ready! You can decorate or paint it as well. A similar stand can be made for lip liners and eyebrow pencils too.
Frame Using Magnets
A cute frame of your daily essential is very convenient and looks amazing. You will need a metal sheet, a picture frame, and of course, magnets for this. Use Superglue to adhere the magnets to your cosmetics.
Cover the metal sheet with a colorful sheet and glue it properly. Now just place the cosmetics wherever you like and your cosmetic frame is done!

Brush Stand Using Coffee Beans

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Your favorite coffee beans stand can make for a very trendy place to store makeup brushes. Just put some beans in a clear glass and insert the brushes. Simple and classy, and not the forget the whiff of coffee that'll hit you every time you go close!

Trendy Shelves

Organizing your makeup on trendy shelves makes it really easy to quickly find stuff on the go. Opt for angled shelves rather than the conventional ones for a trendy twist.

Divide and Conquer your Drawers!

Instead of just throwing in all the lipsticks, lip liners, eyeliners, and compacts in a single drawer, segregate them. If you have simple drawers, you can use thick cardboard to make sections.
Separate drawers are the easiest, yet appealing option you have because you don't have to divide all the stuff in a single one; especially if you have loads of stuff for each category!

Paper Cups

A very cute way of organizing your lip balms, lipsticks, and pencils is to put them in paper cups. Attach ribbons and hang them on the walls. You can sort out different-colored stuff in a single cup and so on for more convenience.

Cookie Jars

Finished off all the cookies from the jar? Now use the same cookie jar to hold your brushes. You can also use cute cookie jars to store nail polish bottles.

Clear Plastic Drawers

Clear plastic drawers are for the busy bees who don't want to spend time looking for stuff in wooden ones. These are cheaper as well. Get one and start organizing.
These organizing ideas are not only very effective, but also so much fun! In case you still have some unsorted stuff remaining, maybe it is time to throw the old stuff. There's no point in storing a lipstick you will anyway never use. There is also a chance of some products having crossed their expiry date. So get rid of all such things, and now you have a reason to buy some more! Happy organizing!