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Creating a Younger Look

Paisley Hansen
As a medical professional, you are likely looking to build your business and acquire new patients. When you offer Botox services to your patients, you open up an entirely new stream of income for your medical practice.
By relaxing facial muscles, Botox treatments can help your current and future patients acquire an aesthetic look they wish to achieve. You can learn how to create a younger look for your patients with Botox.

Forehead Lines

When you take Botox training, you learn how to reduce or eliminate forehead lines. These lines are a telltale sign of age. You will find both male and female patients interested in eliminating forehead lines. Most people these days are trying to look younger than their age. Removing forehead lines is a great way to reduce signs of aging.
The largest growth in the Botox market is among males. Career changing is a common occurrence in today's labor market. Competition for jobs can be fierce. There is a preference for younger workers in many industries. A fresh, youthful face is an asset for job seekers.

Crow's Feet

Lines around the eyes grow as a person ages. These are called crow's feet or laugh lines. Many people are looking to defy their actual age these days. With well-executed Botox treatments, a person can achieve a wrinkle-free look around the eyes. Removing crow's feet can make a person look younger than their age.

Glabellar Lines

That little space between the eyes that creases up when someone is concerned, worried or angry is called the glabella. No one wants to look angry all the time. If you have strong muscles in this area of your face, you are likely to look mad even when you are happy.
Softening of glabellar lines is the number one reason people initially start Botox treatments. With proper training, you will be able to help others remove the worry from the face.

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are wrinkles that tend to occur across the nose bridge. These lines can be exaggerated when Botox is used in other sections of the face. Patients will want to eliminate these lines after forehead and glabellar lines have been addressed.

Mouth Lines

People don't have to spend decades smoking to acquire lines around the mouth. While smokers will have exaggerated mouth lines that can be softened with Botox, nearly everyone sees those small vertical lines pop up around the mouth as they age. The vertical lines that start to appear in middle age can be a sign of a lot of smiling too.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines are a contributing factor to the look of aging face. These are lines that run vertically from nose area down to the chin. These are called marionette lines as they give the look of a puppet toy. Softening these lines is easy with Botox. The result is a softer, youthful look.

Chin Dimples

As a face ages, a look of an orange peel can occur on the skin. Dimples may appear around the chin. The orange peel look is of aging. Most patients will want to avoid chin dimples. Botox treatments can diminish unsightly dimpling around the chin, giving a smooth and youthful jawline.
While it is not possible to completely erase the signs of aging, reducing the look  is completely achievable with Botox treatment. When you take Botox training, you have the ability to provide your patients with a service they greatly desire.
Looking younger than one's actual age is of vital importance to many people in highly competitive career environments. Smoothing of forehead, lip, crow's feet and other wrinkles will help a patient look years younger than their actual age.