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Crazy Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Amruta Gaikwad
Long hair is loved by all and never goes out of fashion. Every individual has his / her own style of wearing the hair. Here are a few fun hairstyles for girls with lengthy hair.
Those who enjoy styling their luscious hair, have many opportunities of wearing them in different styles. May it be straight or curly, there are styles available for all hair textures. So, if your regular hairstyle is monotonous, turn it into curls or add more volume to create a bouncy look.
Our hair determines our features, which makes it essential to choose the right hairstyle and maintain it. Many young girls, who look for good hairstyles, end up getting a different haircut. Tough haircuts, bring a change in the look and overall appearance, it needs to be well maintained as it might tend to become messy as it grows.
Hairstyles are more convenient and give the satisfaction of different looks as well. They are temporary, manageable and provide a wide range of variety. Therefore, next time, be sure whether you want a haircut or just change the style of wearing your hair.
Long hair can be worn in many styles such as wavy, curly or straight. There are countless hair styles, which many girls experiment with, to reflect their overall look. Watching celebrities sport unique and wacky hairstyles, is a source of inspiration to many teenage girls. Let's look at some of these styles.


Waves add more volume and bounce to the hair. They highlight the facial features and make the face look more cheerful.
Women with straight hair usually wish to have wavy hair. It is easy to turn natural wavy hair straight, but, it takes lot of efforts and time to turn straight hair into bouncy curls. Here are a few easy tips to get the wavy look.
• Begin with gathering all the necessary materials required for creating curls. Some of the essentials are blow dryer, hair gel and bobby pins. A curling iron can make the work easier.

• Before starting the process of making waves, shampoo and condition your hair. Having clean and conditioned hair makes styling easy.
• Dry hair till damp, keeping the head upside down.

• There are many hair sprays available in the market, that are used to create and hold different styles. Pick out a suitable spray or mousse that would hold the style.

• Run your hand through your hair without touching the tips of the hair.
• Depending on the length of the hair and intensity of waves, divide the hair into sections. Twist or roll each section into multiple buns and plug it with bobby pins.

• Once the hair is tied up in small buns, allow it to dry. You can use a dryer or let it dry up to 20 minutes.
• Release hair and run your fingers through your hair, crunching them. Use a curling iron for the left over straight hair.

Go ahead and create a new style and flaunt it for all the occasions.

Old School

Many actresses have sported this look and now the trend is back. Get back the volume and bounce to your hair and make heads turn as you make way into parties.
• In order to achieve the bouncy look, all you'll need is a brush and a hair gel.
• Usually creating or adding volume from the crown can give a good hair fall. Take a section at the front of your crown and tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees. Hold the ends tightly and begin combing towards them. Work more at the bottom to create a bulge. Continue the process till you achieve the perfect bulge.
Take some more strands of hair from the crown area and follow the same procedure.

• As you reach towards the back side of the head, hold the hair strands in upward direction. Follow the same procedure to create volume as you approach the lower area of the head.
• Blend the layers of your hair well when the crown hair falls downward.

• Every style needs a finishing touch, to make it look the way you want it. After creating the style, gently run a stroke of brush through your hair to get a smooth surface and texture.

This style brings out the elegance of the look quite stunningly.


Among the many hairstyles, Mohawk is the most captivating. It rules the fashion and has never been out of sight for many years. As such a hairstyle is associated to rock stars and athletes, it works best as long crazy rock hairstyles for girls.
The young girls not only have to borrow the available styles in Mohawks, but they can also create a new for themselves. Just to get you started, here is a basic faux hawk hairstyle for you.
• Gather the hair at the crown and simply backcomb it to create a desired height of the bulge.

• Use bobby pins at the sides to hold the bulge. Apply a strong spray so that you can flaunt the style for little longer time.

Switch to Kinks

Making tight curls are referred to as kinks and are soon catching the spotlight. Making this isn't an easy task. It needs lot of attention and must be done with care to avoid tangling of hair. Take some 30 minutes off and be ready to get the hair kinks you wanted.
• Wet your hair or use some hair gel to create a wet look. Divide your hair into 5 sections and make multiple braids from each section.

• Use pins or rubber bands to hold the braids and allow it to dry overnight.
• Once you wake up, gently release the braids and apply a strong spray to refrain the curs from straightening.

This is an easy way to obtain such a hairstyle that stays in good shape and is easy to manage.
Many different hairstyles can be donned when you have long and healthy hair. With the different styling gels, shampoos, conditioners and colors, hair is constantly under the threat of getting damaged. Though, these hairstyles seem interesting, take equal efforts to take care of your beautiful long hair to keep it healthy and strong.