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Fun and Crazy Hairstyles To Try Today

Smita Pandit
If you are confused about the type of hairstyle you would be sporting on the crazy hair day, here are a few wacky hairstyles that you could try.
If crazy hair day is just around the corner, you need to quickly zero in on a wacky hairstyle. There's no dearth of bizarre hairdos, all you need to do is surf the Internet for an unconventional hairdo that will grab everyone's attention. You can use a temporary hair dye for adding highlights. Also, make use of funky hair accessories.

Wacky Hairdos for Kids

Kids are generally very excited about the crazy hair day at school, so don't be a kill joy by being boring. Go through magazines to find the most exciting ideas about hairstyles for the crazy hair day. It's time to let lose your imagination and make crazy hair day a fun day for your child.
Girls with long hair can sport the Medusa look. You could style your little one's hair in the wacky bun-hawk hairdo. Use hair color and make many ponytails or buns and put hair accessories like beads, clips, and ribbons to create a funky hairdo.
You could place a cone on her head and cover it with her hair and tie a cute ribbon on top. You could also curl hair just on one side or apply a hair spray for the spiky look.
Boys can sport a fohawk. Spiky hairdo will always work for boys.
If your boy has long hair, you could try cornrows. You could also try the frizzed or the messy look. In case you don't know what to do with his hair, you can also use a cute wig.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls

Girls, there is no end to what you can do with your hair. Look around and get yourselves lots of cute accessories, hair colors, and hair sprays. If you know how to plait hair, you can make braids using all your hair and put fake flowers and clips.
Bun-hawk hairdo will also look great. For bun-hawk hairstyle, first shampoo your hair and comb them to get rid of any entangled hair. Part your hair, and take hair strands forming a rectangular section from the middle of your head.
Use a cute elastic band to tie them. Twist the hair to make a bun. Similarly, you could take strands and make buns in the middle part and at the back of your head and tie them with cute bands. Once, you have made the buns, put flowers or tie cute ribbons around the buns. This style will certainly be a good choice for crazy hair day.
You could dye your hair in bright colors such as pink or purple.
You could make your hair stand up by generously using a hair spray. Adding volume to your hair will also do the trick. Those who have short hair can try spiking their hair and use all kinds of colors to get a wacky look. Punk hairstyles will also work wonders for those who want a bizarre look for the crazy hair day.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Guys

The Mohawk look will never lose out in the battle for crazy hairdos. For styling your hair in this funky hairdo, you will need to closely shave the hair along the sides of the head, while keeping a strip of hair from the crown of the head to the back of the neck.
The next thing you need to do is use a gel for spiking your hair. To make it look wacky, dye the ends of the hair in bright colors. Besides the spiky look, you could just get a part of your head shaved or get funny images or messages carved on your head.
Guys with curly hair could try various cornrow designs or try the braided look.
Asymmetrical haircuts will certainly work well. Funky punk hairstyles such as liberty spikes, reverse Mohawk, or beaver are also worth a mention. These could also lend an element of wackiness to your personality.
So, use the aforementioned ideas to give yourself a wacky look and have lots of fun on crazy hair day. It's time to make heads turn!