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Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls

Azmin Taraporewala
Are you aghast at the declaration of a crazy hair day for girls? Whether it's school or a pajama party at your buddy's inn, crazy hair day ideas will have you attract all the attention ... for the good!
In the name of wackiness and sheer urge to break open from the innocent look, a day devoted to experiment with hairstyles looks truly alienated from the traditional classicism. Oh yes, a crazy hair day is fun and involves you to experiment with punky and jeopardizing looks to attract the jaw-dropping attention from one and all.
If you have been going to school, your institute might have arranged a hair day, so that individuals and students can burrow out from the sophisticated look that is so mundane in nature. We sometimes make so much effort to look and have perfect hair that we forget that the essence of life lies in a bit of clumsiness and shillyshallying.
If you have a party arranged, where crazy hair styles is the theme, you could play with colors, textures to have the look you desire. All you need to do is to twist your gray cells and think obtuse!

Go Gaga

This is truly a crazy hair style that will have you go nuts, go gaga over ... yourself! All you need to do is -
1. Take a thin comb and part your hair into a number of segments and make plaits.
2. You can tie colorful bands or you may also tie ribbons of different colors.
3. Tie these plaits together with a huge fern band that looks like straws popping out. You could wear a bling band on your forehead to add to the wackiness of the moment.

Hair Bubbles

1. Section your hair with a comb. Apply some mousse and style your hair sections by tying each section in a rubber band.
2. You will have lots of them and your hair would look like a cluster of bubbles.
3. You could also color your hair sections in white.
4. Let a few bubbles be your natural hair color and let the other section be colored in white. Let those rollings dazzle the floor!

When the Clock Strikes 12!

1. This is a simple hairstyle that makes for the most amazing look that you crave for. With the craziness abounding you, you could pull your hair up with the help of a sculpting mousse.
2. Let the hair 'harden' and get sticky.
3. Attach a wire, that is of equal length as your hair and let your hair plait jut out straight. You could tie a ribbon in the shape of a bow.

The Comeback of the Windmill

1. This is just a slight variation of the crazy hairstyle idea for girls. Instead of making one single plait, you must section your hair in three parts and make three plaits.
2. You must take three wires and attach them to the plait.
3. You could roll the plait on the wire or you could choose to plait your hair while you have the wire attached. With the windmill doing the rounds you would also sport a hair clock that strikes 3, 9, and 12 at the same time! The 8th wonder!

H(e)a(r)t Burn!

1. Ah! Why not prove that you are fit to go off your rocker! Why not reincarnate the scarecrow ... in you! Sounds exciting? Well, it is more than you think it is. However, for this you need to sacrifice a hat from your collection.
2. If you have a faux leather or faux felt cowboy hat, you need to get rid of its crown. Chop off the crown area, making sure that the strokes you apply are zigzag in nature.
3. To lend authenticity to your 'madcap' nuttiness, burn the edges of the hat. Be careful while you are at it.
"In case of little nuts trying this crazy idea, adult supervision is a must."

4. Get a packet of vermicelli. (It resembles hay, if you notice!)
5. With a fine-toothed comb, lift the hair on the crown and apply a gravity-defiance hair gel.
6. Let the hair 'stand'. Club a few vermicelli straws with the bunch of gelled hair and tie a rag cloth to keep the setting intact.
7. Make some more of such hair-straw couples that defy gravity! Wear the cap, now! Your crown area is exposed through the burned hat. Hair or hat on fire! What is it?

Wavy Wisps

1. With a wire, gel and fine-toothed comb, you may be able enough to make 'waves' with your hairstyle!
2. Make a few sections of your hair with the comb and twist a few wire pieces resembling little ripples in water.
3. With some hard-hitting gel, sculpt the sections of your hair onto the wire shape. Follow this process for all the sections of your hair and there you are ... ready to go stark-raving crazy!

Bun Babe

1. This is a fun hairstyle for all those who have short hair. If you have shoulder length hair, you could take a section of your hair, the middle portion and tie a bun in the middle.
2. For the added punk, you could add extensions and make the bun bigger and better.
3. Let the bun be the highlight and snatch the limelight. Let it stand tall. With the disproportion it creates with your actual hair length and your face; it is a definite snapper!

Spike Me Up!

1. If you have really short hair or have a bob cut, you could spike your hair with a sculpting mousse or a pomade.
2. You could then spray some out-of-the-box colors on the spikes and let the hair stand up like the rising sun's rays!

Beady Affair

1. This style is not exactly crazy but will suffice for those who are not very keen on looking too jungle(e)! Tie a ponytail.
2. Make sections and tie them with colorful beads.
Hoping that these hairstyles have entertained you and will encourage you to try some of them. Crazy hair day ideas have been discussed in here; however, don't dare to discard your thinking cap. Let it stay on and twist it a bit further to have some more 'really' obtuse hair style ideas!