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How to Cover Gray Hair

Rajib Singha
With growing age, hair begins to lose its pigmentation and ultimately turns gray or completely white. Covering gray hair has become an important concern for many people, and here is some more information about the same.
The process of changing the natural color of the hair to complete gray or white, is known as achromotrichia. Apart from aging, graying of hair is also caused because of inherited traits and can occur at an early age, or even during infancy. Deficiency of certain vitamins also causes this condition. Basically it depends on the person's genetics.
There are basically two ways to cover your gray hair; either with colors or hair dyes, or blending them using highlights or lowlights.

Hide Your Grays

There are two methods to color your hair; using chemical colors and natural colors. Chemical colors comprise temporary and permanent effects. The temporary one stays for as long as 5-6 weeks, and if you wish to keep the color for a long time, permanent color are best. Natural color, covers your gray hair, matching your natural hair color.

Highlights and Lowlights Blend

Highlights have a lighting and brightening effect on your hair color, while lowlights can give a darker and deeper look to your hair. This method hides 10-90% of the white hair.
For vibrant and dynamic results, a hairdo with both highlights and lowlights is preferable. Hues like blonde, gold, etc. can be used as highlights, and for lowlights, red, plums, etc. are the options. Henna, can also be beneficial in covering the gray parts of your hair. Here describe the application procedure:
● Mix the henna powdered as per the instructions given on the package.

● Start applying from the roots and ensure that not even a single strand of hair is left uncovered. Allow the henna to settle down and saturate for the recommended amount of time. A plastic cap to cover the hair, would be useful in preventing the mixture from dropping.
● After the henna has dried completely, wash your hair with cold water. Blow your hair dry after using a conditioner and make your usual hair style - without a single white hair.
Concentrates made from sage (silvery-green plant) can also be used in getting rid of gray hair. Dried sage leaves can be boiled in water for about 30-35 minutes to form a concentrate. Apply this mixture to your hair, starting from the roots. Allow it to dry completely before washing it off.
A monthly treatment with the sage mix can yield more positive results. A tea made from sage leaves can also be used as a spray before washing your hair. Regular use of this herb, makes hair softer and helps in decreasing the graying effect.
If the aforementioned methods do not appear appealing to you, or if you feel that it's better not to experiment with your hair, then let the gray hair stay as it is. You may not be aware, but your gray hair may actually suit your personality and go with your image.
You can maintain your charm with the right kind of attitude; what matters is the way you carry your style with your gray locks.