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Cornrow Styles for Women

Pragya T
There are many cute cornrow styles for women that you can consider, if you want to sport a unique look. Read on...
When it comes to hairstyles, there are many popular braid hairstyles you can opt for. Cornrows are basically considered as traditional African hairstyles and were sported mostly by African people. However, during the 1990s with the hip hop culture gaining popularity, cornrows also gained popularity all over the world.
Cornrows today are sported by all kinds of people, as these hairstyles make great-looking styles. People who have thick, coarse, or curly hair can opt for these styles, because cornrows make thick curly hair very manageable. Another advantage is that maintaining cornrows is fairly easy. One just needs to keep the hair clean and the scalp moisturized.

Women's Cornrow Hairstyles

Styling your hair in cornrow braids is quite a difficult task, and you will need to take help of a friend. Also, these are painful braiding techniques, and so it is advised that you visit a stylist to get them done. Simple straight down cornrows don't take much time, however, more complex cornrow designs can even take two days to get. If this is your first time trying cornrows, then it is best left to a professional.
Simple straight down or half cornrows for girls is a good idea. Simple straight down styles are faster to achieve, also the rest of the hair can be made into small pigtails, which you can secure into a ponytail or a bun hairstyle for a carefree look. If you desire a more versatile cornrow hairstyle, then consider going with the half cornrows or partial cornrow styles.
To style partial cornrows the hair either in a zigzag or a straight down pattern, the hair is styled from the forehead till the middle of the crown. Then the hair is secured by tying a knot and the rest of the hair is worn down. Open hair can be styled into many different cool-looking cornrow hairstyles.
To try out different cornrow hairstyles, use these ideas. Style the rest of the hair curly, wavy, into faux dreads, or straight. Or you can use a colorful rubber band and tie the open hair into a ponytail, an updo, or a simple braid.
If you want something new with your cornrow hairstyles, then try out complex cornrows designs. Spiral cornrows hairstyles and zigzag styles are popular too. However, these are more time taking cornrow styles. For spiral cornrows the hair is braided in a circular pattern using small and large braids.
Also, for the zigzag pattern a consistent back to front pattern is maintained. To accessorize cornrows there are many ways. You can simply use colorful beads, or use bandannas or hair scarfs, or satin ribbons.
To maintain your hairstyle further it is important that you oil your hair regularly and wash them with water properly. This will keep the hair and scalp clean and moisturized.
As already mentioned above, cornrows are one of the most painful braiding techniques, and they take a lot of time for styling. Also, they are worn very tight near the scalp and people who wear it regularly might experience hair fall. Also, people who have dry skin might experience dandruff like hair conditions.
So, if you wish to get cornrows, make sure you don't keep them for very long. Also, keep oiling and washing your hair to keep the scalp and hair clean and moisturized. Lesser painful cool hairstyles can also be considered as an alternative to cornrows. You can go with micro braids, dookie braids, or faux dreadlocks.