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Cornrow Styles for Kids

Pragya T
Cornrow styles for kids look very unique, and can be styled into many ways. Read on to know more about them.
There are many braid hairstyles, and among them the most popular are cornrows. They are traditional African hairdos, which are very popular today, as they are associated with the hip hop culture.
One can get them done at the salon from any stylist. Children are very fond of them as well. For this reason, here are given some cornrow styles for kids.


Cornrow braids are good hairdo ideas, as they are easy on maintenance, and once done, they can stay properly for a month. All one needs to do is wash the hair regularly, and apply oil for moisturizing the scalp for maintaining them. This has made them a very popular choice for everybody.


The best way to get this haircut is to go to a stylist, as this is one of the most painful braiding technique, which requires skill, patience, and time. Did you know that some of the most complex designs can even take around 2 days time?
This hairdo is one that requires wearing the hair into very tight braids, which often have beads interwoven through the braids. This is done very close to your scalp using an underhand upward motion to produce a continuous raised row.

Different Styles

There are various types of such hairstyles for girls and boys. Cornrows can be made into various complex deigns.

Straight Down

This is the simplest type, where a person is left with small braids from each row. This can simply be tied into a ponytail or a bun for a carefree look.
For boys, the length of the hair generally tends to be shorter, and the braids are left open, but some with long hair prefer securing the braids in a ponytail.

Half cornrows

For this, the hair from the forehead till the middle of the crown is styled into cornrows, and then, the hair is tied up into a knot and the rest of the hair is worn down for a casual look. The rest of the hair can be styled curly, wavy, straight, or into faux dreadlocks. You can also tie them into a pony, bun, or a simple, three-structured braid.


This is a fun design. It is created by braiding in a spiral form across the scalp. The size of the cornrows can be small or large, and the small braids can render a more layered style.


This follows a consistent back to front pattern. Also, you can style the hanging braids in a plaid, bind them, or pin them up.


There are different ways to accessorize your cornrows. Using beads is a popular way to add embellishments. You can wear white or multi-colored beads, or of a color that matches your dress.
If you have half cornrows, then accessorizing becomes even easier. You can tie your open hair in a bun using a colorful rubber band. Or, you can create a ponytail, and place some colorful, small hair clips. Also, you can wear bandannas or scarfs.
There are some problems associated with this hairdo, as the hair is tightly pulled to create the braids. So, some people might experience hair fall or dandruff (for people with dry skin). If you are worried about such problems, you can consider other cool hairdos, like faux dreads, dookie braids, and twists for kids.