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Cornrow Styles

Shashank Nakate
The information on different types of cornrow styles is presented here. Read on for more styles suiting both men and women.
Cornrow is a type of traditional hairstyle in which hair braiding is carried out near/very close to the scalp. They are also known as track braids; they stay flat on the scalp and are used to style the hair in many different patterns.
Cornrows have their origin in Africa. The different hairstyles were however, popularized in USA by hip hop artists. The designs vary from simple & straight ones to those having complex and intricate patterns.

Different Styles to Consider

The cornrow styles can be seen in different forms such as straight lines, zigzag designs, geometric patterns, etc. These styles can be decorated with shells, beads, etc. In Sub-Saharan Africa, these styles were a common way of styling the hair.
Variations or different styles were used to display the social status of a person. These styles also helped in differentiating between people of diverse ethnicity, religion, age, kinship, etc.
Going by the modifications and variations brought about in geometrical cornrows, one would be tempted to deem them as modern styles. The artifacts of ancient times that have been excavated in Africa however, present a different picture before us. Depictions on these artifacts clearly show that geometric cornrows were prevalent even in ancient times.

For Women

In one of the styles, the front hair are braided while the rest are left without any kind of modification. If a person wishes to style the remaining hair, different options like curling, creating waves and crimping can be considered.
Weave extensions can be added to this style as well. Braiding the front hair backwards and back hair upwards is another way of styling. Loose ends are tied together in a bun after styling them.

For Men

Many styles are named after celebrities who popularized them. Styles for women became popular long time ago. Presently, men are interested in sporting cornrows. Styles for men that have become popular are the Sean Paul hairstyle, Beckham Cornrows, Belgian Waffle Cornrows, Justin Timberlake Cornrows, Ludacris Cornrows, Allen Iverson Cornrows, and many more.
It shows that cornrows are not just limited to few hip hop artists and celebrities, but also the sports personalities. A great variety can be observed in the different kids' hairstyles that incorporate interesting patterns.

Caring for Cornrows

To keep them in a good condition, regular cleaning is necessary. It should be seen that hair are not rubbed harshly while being washed. A common problem which troubles people is that the shape of braids changes due to pulling. Covering the hair with bandanas or scarfs while sleeping is one of the solutions to prevent this from happening.
Cornrows are one of the oldest forms of hairstyles. The upsurge of Black Pride in USA coupled with hip hop culture led to rise in their popularity. Thereafter, it was accepted by people and today it is one of the hairstyles of common use.