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Cornrow Hairstyles

Rutuja Jathar
Cornrow hairstyles have been made popular by the people of African-American origin. Here are some tips in case you decide to get them done for yourself.
Cornrow, also called canerow, is a traditional West African hairstyle. In this style, hair is braided real close to the scalp by an underhand method. The braids are formed in a straight line, in order to achieve a continuous raised row of hair. Simple cornrow hairstyles can also be turned more complex by adding curvilinear designs into the straight lines.


Cornrows are somewhat similar to the French braids. Most people who opt for cornrow braiding are of African-American descent. However, as a matter of fact, this style suits any person, with absolutely any type of hair.
They are popular due to the convenience that they offer. They require least amount of maintenance.Their designs actually protect the hair from getting fuzzy, which is why they are most opted for, by people with curly hair.

For Women

Cornrow is one of the most sought-after braiding style among women. Once you decide to get it, finding a perfect pattern is not a big deal. You can have large as well as micro braids, depending on your choice.
Along with the types of braids, you can determine the pattern of hair parting. For instance, you can keep it plain middle, side parting, trendy zigzag middle, and/or side parting too. You can create one big braid near your nape, or try a French role or a ponytail of the micro braided cornrows.

For Men

Men always opt for those hairstyles that emphasize their masculinity, and suits their personality well. largely braided cornrows suit a wide jawline. You can also wear longer hair so that they can be tied at the back of the head with a trendy hair band. You can also try different hair weave patterns, creative swirls, star-shaped or geometrical cornrows, etc.

For Little Girls and Boys

These hairstyles look beautiful on kids too. Make sure these are braided without any chemical. They will require limited maintenance drills. All you need to do is to wash their hair twice a week.
Whichever style you try on your children, make sure that the twists and braids are not too tight, to avoid damage to their delicate scalp and hair roots. With due hair care techniques for kid's hair, cornrows can last well for about 4-6 weeks. However, it is also important to bring their hair to normal condition within 2 months at least.

Hair Care

  • Once you get this hairstyle, you should strictly refrain from heavy shampoos, and opt for leave-in hair conditioners.
  • You must always protect the hair with a cotton scarf, especially while sleeping.
  • It is also important to use the African headrest to sleep so that your hair gets the maximum rest that it requires.
  • Moreover, it is a must to ensure that you get the hairstyle from a well-experienced hair professional only. 
Cornrows are one of the timeless braiding styles that have come a long way since its ancient usage. Versatility of this hairstyle entirely depends on the skill level of the stylist, and hence it is important for you to select the best person possible.