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Cornrow Designs

Kanika Khara
Cornrow designs vary from simple, straight braids to intricate ones having curved lines, spiral, and zigzag patterns. Therefore, to know which braid style suits you and enhances your look the best, read here.
Cornrows are braids of hair plaited flat on the scalp, which can be further woven into different styles.
For this hairdo, strands of hair are worked in a geometric pattern one over the other to form simple or complex designs.
Though the traditional cornrow style is simple with straight lines, today there are a variety of alternatives available―from straight front to back patterns to styles that combine curves and other shapes.
These braids are often adorned with a string of beads or cowrie shells, and are worn by both men and women. Quite similar-looking to a French braid, this hairstyle is originally from Africa.
Cornrows need very low upkeep and are easy to look after. They give you a new look and allow your hair to recover at the same time. Your hair doesn't need straightening, perming, curling, and other treatments as well as any harsh chemicals during this time, which automatically gives your tresses some time to recover from any previous damage.
Though anyone can sport cornrows, it is especially popular among African-American people.
An important point to be considered before getting this hairstyle is that your hair should meet the required length- if you have curly hair, they should be at least two inches long, and if you have straight hair, they need to be four inches long.
Hair can be washed after they are braided, and covering them with a cloth while sleeping will prevent your hair from getting fuzzy and will keep them in place.

Choosing a Style

Before choosing a cornrow style for your hair, always remember that the style has to suit not only your face and your personality, but also your lifestyle. For instance, a funky hairdo might be appropriate for a special occasion like a party, but might not look good with your everyday wear. Hence, be very sure when you're choosing any hairstyle.
Secondly, decide how much time you have for braiding, as complicated ones can take a long time while the simpler ones take lesser. Check with your hairdresser and other sources such as the Internet for interesting designs which you think might suit you. You can also choose and create your own innovative hairstyles.
Even after the cornrows have been braided into your hair, you can change and alter the style as and how you want. For instance, in the case of long hair where the braids hang loose at the end, all the braids can be plaited together to form a single plait which looks very striking.
Cornrows are a timeless style that has overcome and bridged gender and cultural gaps. These heedful, intricate braids and rows look unique and beautiful, and hence, they are continuously gaining popularity all over the world.
They are easy to maintain and can be left in for weeks, or even a month with careful protection. Cautious washing, moistening the hair by using a stocking cap, and oiling hair regularly creates a long-lasting and trendy hairstyle.