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Features of a Cordless Hair Dryer

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
A hair dryer without cords can be a great addition in your bathroom due to its sheer convenience. Read more to know more about its features.
A hair dryer is a must-have hair accessory for every woman. Blow drying quickly dries up your hair and prepares it for the desired hairstyle. However, some varieties may cause a lot of inconvenience to you due to their long cords and bulky weight. Carrying them while traveling is not always possible.
Cordless hair dryer, is a new arrival in the market. It is lightweight, easy to use and has  many features.



Portability is undoubtedly the most sought-after feature of a cordless hair dryer. Since it doesn't depend on an electric socket for functioning, you can use it anywhere you like to. You can simply pack it in your gym bag and use it after a workout or in your office bag if you intend to go for a party after work.
Hair Dryers are available in wall-mounted versions. This allows you to save a lot of space in your dresser or bathroom.

Battery Operated

It is operated on a rechargeable battery. Thus, when the battery gets exhausted, you can simply plug it in an electric socket and charge it. This alleviates any need for a continuous supply of electric current or electric socket for that matter.


It is not as bulky as a hair dryer with a cord, which allows you a lot of comfort while using it. Besides, there is no long cord to come in your way. Its lightweight nature also offers you better maneuvering while directing the airflow at your hair.


They are the best hair dryers as they come with several advance settings such as temperature control, variable apertures for airflow, etc. Although, it is true that cordless hair dryers take some time to achieve their maximum heating capacity, there are some which may attain it in 60 seconds. The settings for a hair dryer vary according to their brand.


Cordless varieties are a lot safer than the ones with cord. Since, your hair cannot come in direct contact with the live current, the risk of injuries due to shock is alleviated. There have been incidences where people have sustained injuries due to hair dryer coming in contact with wet hair.

Dual Volt Hair Dryer

Usually hair dryers are set at a standard voltage of 220 volts or 110 volts. In US, the standard voltage for these devices is 220, while other countries operate on a lower voltage of 110 volts.
If you are required to carry your hair dryer to some other country, the typical hair dryers won't work. However, this problem is solved by the use of dual volt cordless hair dryer. This hair dryer is designed to work on both the voltages. Thus, you won't face any problem while using it overseas.
Thus, a cordless hair dryer is an essential product for you, if you are a person who travels a lot.
This type of hair dryer also allows better hair styling than the conventional one. The only problem with it is that it may not be so easy to find. Camping stores or Internet are the best places to look for them.