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Ideas and Tips for Cool Punk Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
Popularized in the 1980s, punk hairstyles found a major acceptance amongst the rebellious teens. Here are some basic hairstyle ideas for punks, that can gives a way on how to go about your first punk haircut.
Mommies are bound to turn up their noses in disgust, but teens love it. Here are cool punk hairstyles that have been around since years and are here to stay. Most rock stars sported them with great confidence and style. They increased the fan following and it was common to see youngsters chilling at the hip joints, with colors splashed across their heads.
These are known to denote a sense of rebellion in an individual. By sporting the same, youngsters know that they are making a bold fashion statement that can even ruffle a few feathers.
These hairdos help people unleash their wild side and it has been a major part of the ever-changing scenario of the music and fashion industry. Wild, wacky, and weird punk haircuts have evolved with time, with a snip here and a slash there.
This style saw a rise in their popularity in the 1980s. It started a trend that has blossomed in various ways. Understand the basic styles, will help you find the right cut to suit your tresses. When you think of them, you can imagine the vivid shades or hues.
They are often in bright colors, which are generally unnatural, and are poles apart from the normal shades we know about. From crazy and wacky blues to shocking pinks; bright orange to the wild purple - the choice is yours.
Here, you need to co-ordinate with your hairstylist and decide how you will apply the colors; whether it is a particular section or tips of the strands, of your hair. Try to achieve high contrasts. The way you color it also decides the way it would finally look.

Some Ideas

These are not only colorful and bizarre, they also consist of different styles to suit individuals. Here are a few ideas for the rebellious person in you.
The Mohican punk hairstyle was actually sported by the Mohawk and Mohican tribes. Although it is also said that the Huron was the first tribe to probably try these haircuts. This Mohawk hairstyle was very prominent in the 1980s and also gave one the rebel status.
It has its own unique feature - the shaved scalps and a straight hair strip that runs across the head. It is also sometimes gelled upward to form the shape of a fan. These super stylish hairdos soon gained impetus and were flaunted on the runways all over the world.

The Mohawk

The Dread Hawk

Instead of the very popular spikes, here the hair is styled into dreadlocks and can even be braided or simply pulled back.

The Slant Hawk

This hairdo consists of diagonal lines that crosses the neck area from one side to the other.

The 270-degree Hawk

As the name suggests, this hairdo has a 270-degree angle to it. It usually expands from the back of the head and goes to the forehead.

The Beaver Punk Hairstyle

This is similar to the Mohawk hairstyle. There is a slight difference, where, unlike the latter which has a strip of hair in the center, which is fanned, the former has a short thick strip of hair in the center with the sides skinned down.

Some Tips

>>You need to care for your hair, once you have gone in for these haircuts. Go in for the appropriate products that can add volume or even hold your hair in a particular way for a good number of hours.
>>If you are not sure about the color you should go in for, you can try temporary colors or hair dyes that would give you an idea about which color would suit your skin tone.
>>Shed all your inhibitions. If these styles have fascinated you then do not fear, discover a new you and do not think about the reactions. The initial days may find you a wee bit uncomfortable, but as time passes by, you are bound to enjoy the glances and looks.
>>Always ensure that you maintain your hairstyle with regular trimming. This would get rid of split ends.

>>Browse the Internet to find new hairdos of this type, that are doing the rounds. Take a few samples to your hairstylist to know which style would suit you better.
These haircuts also need to be accessorized and combined with the right kind of outfits to complete the look. Moreover, they are not just a fashion statement for youngsters; this has now become a lifestyle for many. So, find your color and make a splash.